Coffee, books, and Suga Daddy's

Yesterday my mom and I went to Barnes and Nobles to have an excuse to coffee ourselves silly while browsing books look for informative and brain building reading. Maybe it was just the coffee, the company or the combination of both, but I kept noticing odd things and saying in my head 'I should blog that tomorrow'. So, here is my Monday Night View of Barnes and Nobles:
  • B & N employees were very crabby and had NO sense of humor last night
  • The Coffee chic actually argued with me if putting chocolate in my Vente Cinnamon Dulce Latte was something I really wanted to do
  • A guy in the aisle behind me kept coughing. So I coughed back. He coughed. I coughed. He coughed. I coughed. He didn't cough.
  • Wireless internet is only available in the cafe section of B & N. I think this is the dumbest thing EVER.
  • A guy was asking an employee for books on 'people who studied people who broke through security systems on computers' He was irritated, she was rude and didn't understand. I began to suggest that he was looking for books on Hacking. But then realized that might make me an accessory. (and I mean accessory as in part of the crime...not as in pearl earings )
  • I was propositioned and flirted with by an older gentleman who made it obvious that he wanted to be my Suga Daddy.
  • People act like B & N is a library and I find it annoying. I just WANT to yell and be obnoxious 'cause everyone else is being so damn quiet!
  • They do not carry a single blogging magazine. I thought that was weird.


susiej said...

I love the coughing part. And here's one you can add to your list. I tried to add the B&N affiliate search buttoon to my website, and the code made my font screwed up my entire blog, so I had to delete it.

Jen said...

I'm with ya on the quiet really bothers me!!

Just make sure not to take a book to the bathroom with you!! Did you see that episode of Seinfeld?

Anonymous said...

Susie - The coughing part had my mom and I giggling for like 10 min. in the store.

Jen - I didn't see that Seinfeld. I did take my laptop in though and spent about 45 min. copying stuff I needed out of a book! HA-HA.

Prince Charming said...

An older man, Huh, looks like I got some competition.
Funny that wasn't in the story when I heard it first, It was some old man flirted with me, I'll have to bank that fib (save for credit towards my own fib) lol....
I'll have to polish off my Sean Connery voice and break out my walker to get you going tonight.
Just Kidding , I love your Blog and am proud of your passion in everything you do.
-Love Prince(couldn't I be a King) Chraming

Anonymous said...

Ha-Ha! Nice try mister :-D I told you all about it :-) I believe, that when I told you he offered to pay my cell phone bill and I could keep the phone, that you asked why I didn't accept!! Kiss Kiss and thank you for your support.