The Dentist

Liberty had a dentist appointment this morning with a new dentist. She had been awakened the past 3 nights with a toothache, and the orajel/motrin cocktail I was giving her while half asleep wasn't working.

The poor baby ended up having her tooth pulled, due to an abscess. Yes, I know. How on earth did I let it get that bad. It's a long story. One I also tried to explain while in tears to the new evil dentist who had just told me what a horrid mother I was. Okay, he actually said 'I'm leaving now so that ms. assistant can explain to you how life works and why you should be ashamed that Liberty is here like this'. Basically, I was a horrid mother.

Anyway, I do not feel like spilling the story out again. And yes, it is because I am to scared to be judged or reprimanded by anyone who reads. I'm feeling very vulnerable and hurt right now, and I simply couldn't handle any more. But. for the record. I am NOT a horrid mother. The simple version (and less weepy me one) is No Insurance, Not enough $$, and a previous horrible dentist visit (Liberty's, not mine).

So that dentist can kiss my arse.


Melissa R. Garrett said...

You know, I read somewhere just the other day that more and more people fail to receive medical care either because lack of insurance or the prohibitive cost of care. We don't have dental insurance (yet) and would be "up a creek" if one of us needed major dental work. It's expensive enough having four mouths cleaned twice a year! I feel for you, I really do. And then to have someone leave you feeling like you are a bad mom - arg! that aggravates me. I just noticed that all our kids are VERY close in age - I'm right there with you!

jenijen said...

If it makes you feel less alone in the badmomness, Nate had to be put under general anesthesia to take care of his (I think twenty-three?) cavities.

I hear you. Doesn't make us bad mothers, though.

Lisa said...

Going to the dentist is expensive. And WHY are they usually such assholes?

Anonymous said...

Melissa - Isn't it sad that that so many go uncared for because of what the insurance doesn't cover or won't cover. The worst is that MANY companies don't offer dental coverage and the one's that do rarely offer good plans. It's horrible.

jenjen - The 'Bad Experience' Liberty had was having her 4 front teeth pulled. It was supposed to be w/ general but the dentist DECIDED SHE DIDN'T NEED IT!!! Yet another jerk.

Lisa - EXACTLY! Maybe because dentists are one of the most hated/feared people on the planet by most folks??!!

Thanks for the pep talk gals!