Any chance I can get a time-out??

Have you missed me? I know you have, come on admit it ;-)

We've been crazy busy here. Between Alex's school activities, doctor appointments for the girls, Prince Charming's work and college schedule AND an overnight visit from my dear mother in law I feel like I haven't had a moments rest.

It's been one of those weeks where you just wish your Mommy was around to realize how crabby and tired you were. Then she could give you a time out. Then for a blissful 28 minutes (1 minute per age..oh to be 60!) I could just sit in the Time Out chair and stare into nothingness.

So, because I am simply too tired to think of anything wonderfully clever and witty to write about, I thought I would share some fun links I found via Rachel Ray's episode from Monday.

The first is:
Super Nanny Jo Frost's parenting help website, b4ugo-ga-ga. Cute, huh?

I am a huge Super Nanny fan. I have found many of her methods and advice to be very helpful in our house. I even adapted on of her reward systems for Alex and Liberty. It's a HUGE success and I will write on that at a later date. I did find the site to lack some content I had hoped to see, but the forum page has lots of advice from other parents, and occasionally Jo herself.

The next 3 links were also on Rachel Ray's show that day in a segment called 'Cool Websites'.

Don't Date Him Girl
(My personal Favorite of all 3)

This is an online data base guessed whom scorned women have declared you should avoid like the plague! If nothing else searching for guys you may now and reading what these guys have done to earn their new Internet reputation is entertaining.

Sorry Gotta Go
This is an online database of different sound clips so that when you need an excuse to get off the simply turn up the volume and play. It's an interesting idea, lol!

Buzz Whacked
An online definition to help you find out what terms such as 'narcisurfing' or 'Phonesia' actually mean.

Hope you'll have fun surfing these!



Jen said...

Although I can not stand Rachael Ray anymore (but I'll still use her recipes)...I do love the Super Nanny and look forward to checking out that site.

Chris said...

I'm not a huge fan. I do love her magazine though and I do record her show and usually do the 3 min. viewing of the show (ya forward through it)