Thursday Thirteen

I am a procrastinator and very very easily distracted. Today I finally got some stuff done that had been on my 'accomplishment' list since mid January. Boring as it is, I'm just so proud of myself today that I decided to share!

Thirteen Things I actually finally got done today!

1. I scrubbed my Bathtub with oven cleaner and destroyed all the rust and soap scum!

2. I registered Alex and Liberty for t-ball and little league

3. I ordered Alex's yearbook

4. I made out a 2 week menu (I haven't the last 3 weeks and spent about $100 more
Than I normally do.)

5. I got a new project started with two of my greatest friends!!!!!!

6. I actually have my Go MOM planner and family calendar synched and up to date thru march!

7. I've returned phone calls of 4 relatives I had been putting off

8. My budget is completely up to date AND balanced w/in $2.34!!!! (!)

9. I've reconnected (okay..this was yesterday) with the two previously mentioned friends
that I had let slip away.

10. I filled out Liberty's kindergarten information

11. I made 2 dentist appts. and one eye doc. appt.

12. I matched up the missing sock basket.

13. I finally finally finally posted a Thursday Thirteen!

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Jill said...

You seems like a very organise person!!! And all that in a day!!
Since I'm not organise for a dime, way to go girl!!
My tt are up

Anonymous said...

I am one of the least organized people I know! I do have my moments though ;-) As I said, however, a lot of that had been on my list since mid January. Prince Charming keeps joking I need the shirt that reads, 'Procrastinators unite tomorrow!'

Jill said...

WE get both that shirt!!
I was so proud to learn that word in university(I'm french!! didn't knew it until then!!)

Anonymous said...

As hard as I try to be organized in one area...I seem to fall apart in another :-D One of these days maybe I'll actually figure out how to 'do it all'. HAHA. So French have no word for procrastination??? Really? I honestly thought that would be a universal thing :D Maybe Americans are the only ones silly enough to give it a name (and a t-shirt)!

Mocha said...

I think I could get done today is FIND a sock basket. Good on you for getting stuff done.

Anonymous said...

LOL! The socks basket sits right next to my bed :-) But I have lost it before!

Lisa said...

YEAY YOU. VERY cool, you productive mom, you.

Anonymous said...

awwwww. Thanks Lisa :-)

MommaK said...

Ummm...can you come over and help me now? My to-do list is out of control. I'm great at making the list just really bad at the execution.

Yay you :)

PS- My daughter is listening to the Ink Heart series right now too!

Anonymous said...

I usually avoid lists like a virus. I resent their..listiness and therefore never get anything on them done. I'm getting better with that.

I listened to Inkheart also and loved it. The switch in narrator (Brendon Fraiser) has kept me from listening to Inkspell.

I highly recommend she listen to Eragon next. I couldn't imagine NOT listening to it. The narrator just makes this series a million times better.