Trouble Maker Parent., Part Deux

Me: Hello, ms. Very Snooty, I was just calling to let you know Alex won't be at school today.

Ms. Very Snooty: Really, and why won't he?

Me: Because he's not feeling well and I've decided to keep him home today.

Ms. Very Snooty: I see. Is it a cold?

Me: No, he's been having severe headaches since Saturday

Ms. Very Snooty: Are you taking him to a doctor then?

Me: Yes, I am. And I'm pretty sure that we'll probably end up at the hospital for a few tests.

Ms. Very Snooty: Hmm, Really? Well, just so you know this is Alex's 6th day of missed school this year. I really think you should send in a Dr. Note.

Me: That's fine. I will get you your doctor note and send it in tomorrow.

What I wanted to say: Who the hell do you think you are? This is my son. And if I think he's too damn sick to send to school...then he's not going! Last time I checked you were in charge of his educational career, and I was in charge of his physical well being. If he is not physically well, he's not going to do well in his education IS HE!!??


I was shaking when I got off the phone. Seriously.

I did take Alex to the doctor and I got their damn note.

We did end up in the hospital for a CAT scan. And do you know what I did? I am actually embarrassed to say this, but I told him how cool his bracelet looked so that he'd want to leave it on and show his friends at school. Just to prove to Ms. Very Snooty that he HAD gone to the hospital.

How pathetic is that!!! And why do I feel the need to justify myself to HER! I'm all sorts of annoyed with myself.

The majority of my frustration comes from a few different sources. I am getting harrased because my son missed 6 days of school. Here's why:

September: 1 day : His grandma (she lives 3 hours away) was in town for 2 days. It was the first time they'd seen her in 2 months.

October:1 day: We had an appointment with his eye surgeon.

November:3 days: On doctors orders I had him home because he had a severe sinus infection and ear infection.

February: 1 day: I kept him home due to sever headaches so he could see the doctor. Turns out he has a minor sinus infection.

The other reasons are that 3 days this month they have spent class time watching movies. Not educational films. Movies. One was Chicken Little. One was Sky High. I don't know the 3rd one.

Also, the whole perfect attendance award and pizza party with the principal. Because of this many parents send their kids to school while ill and then my son brings it home. Then before I know it everyone in my house is sick and I've spent $40 in co-pays and another $60 in prescriptions.

And last: Every single adult there gets sick days, personal days, emergency days and mental health days. I even ran into his teacher one day in great clips and then found out that the kids had been told that she was sick with the flu. She wasn't.

So is it really so horrible that I have allowed my A+ student son have 1 personal and 5 sick days??


Lisa said...

What sucks is that yes, the kids should get sick days... But there's alot of trash out there that don't send their kids to school. Or if the kids don't want to go, they don't have to... These parents ruin it for everyone else.

The people who send their sick kids to school really piss me off. Cause my child will get the 24-hour bug for 3 days, then turn around and get it a week later...

That's really shitty that this lady got so pissy.

Lisa said...

SDorry if that comment sounded pissy. Didn't mean for it to be... But it really pisses me off when other people ruin things for the rest of us. ANd it really pisses me off when people bring their sick kids to school...

Chris said...

Don't be sorry. I know exactly how you feel. It's annoyed me for a really long time. When I was in high school (more years ago than I want to admit)we had a perfect attendance reward also. We had a boy come to school with MONO!!! By the time the week ended...4 more kids had it. I just don't understand why a parent would send a sick child to school w/out thinking of other kids. It truly boggles my mind.

Tiff said...

UGH Baby Girl's school called me to inform me that she missed three days of school. LOL. DUH I know that.

Chris said...

Tiff: Yeah, I got a letter after day 5 informing me of the same thing. And letting me know how important attendance is to education and that they have counselors available if we needed help with anything. UMMM..Excuse me?? LOL.

Prince Charming said...

We are forgetting what the major driving factor in all of this is...
The education of our children...
Uh no...
Let’s look at the real reason why schools get so PO'ed when you call a kid in.

1) $$$$$$
Yep, the ol Cashola. Most districts, at least in our land, get money based on days attendance numbers, so if you have 400 kids and they all show up every day (lets say 100) they get lets say $400,000 a year from the state, about $1,000 a day. S0…. they rather have little jimmy come in with bubonic plague and dengue fever so they get their $1,000. Thus infecting all the other little kids losing more money uh I mean uh uh education, yeah it’s the education.....
So much for the losing education excuse, last I noticed the teachers and administration had missed days. Do they get Letters too? I should start sending them out...

Dear Mr. Principle,
Education is very important and your sickness has caused serious harm to my child's education. I mean with summers and weekends off you should be able to show up everyday like you request of my child...Thank you.

2) Some of the administration gets bonuses based on grades, and attendance. So if lil jimmy comes in with Scurvy and Porphyric Hemophilia, Mr. Principle will get his bonus and a lil token to add to his resume.
And most important, It is my kid and I can decide what is best for him/her, I mean I think since he made it this far, I am doing pretty good . Lucky I didn’t call in” I would have went off” then called him in for a week and as a doctor note I would send in all the flyers from where my kids and I had been that week (i.e. Museums, zoos, and fun parks) and a little note from Dr. Prince Charming Saying, Your crazy, and add a prescription for some meds.
I have never been one to not hold my tongue. It’s to slippery, trust me I have tried.
Ramble, Ramble, Ramble, Sorry, they get to me, Then again I spent a lot of time with school officials and none of them ended up good for me, lol. Take Care.
Hheeewwwww, ok that’s all.

Chris said...

Hey....Get your own blog! LOL. I love when you stand up for us :-D

MommaK said...

Hang on...he's 8, right? Not going to miss any big algerbra concept or his first microbiology lesson? He needs to be healthy and happy first of all. You are making that so.

Screw Ms. Snotty pants and the money horse she rode in on.

Chris said...

ROFL...Thanks MommaK :-D I needed that :-)