Monday is Boring No More...It's getting S.E.X.Y.

A few weeks ago Erin (Queen of Spain) wrote this post, which quickly turned that Monday to be known as 'Blow Job Day.' I'm sure that there were many husbands proclaiming 'God Save the Queen' that night (I know it was said at my house.) Her post helped remind me that sometimes bringing a little fun into the mundane is necessary and healthy.

I am very guilty of doing just enough in my sex life to make it not be an issue, but not enough to make it great. I want great. I want fun. I want the roll around, sweaty, screaming, shake the whole room, amazing sex life everyday, not just the once or twice a month I have now. Of course wanting and getting are two totally different things, but I have no one to blame but myself.

I know that one of my issues is my weight. I also know that I'm tired and want every single second of sleep I can get. But another issue is not being confident. Confident that I can have fun and enjoy a more....playful...side to my mommy/wife persona and that it is okay.

So I have decided to explore and try to bring back the more adventurous side of me that was lost among the piles of laundry, diaper changes and dirty dishes over the past 11 years. The side of me that wants to be a sex goddess and give my husband a blow job more often just because I can.

On that note I wanted to share two products that were brought to my attention. I just found them much too intriguing and fun NOT to share!

**They are adult oriented, just so that you aren't surprised.

THIS brings a whole new world of fun to Having hubby send you a message from work!!


THIS just has to much potential for a fun filled evening of creating and use to not be intrigued!!

How is your Sex life?
Have you fallen into the 'Mundane' or are you swinging from the rafters?
How do you keep it exciting?


Dr. Ruth said...

I have to say.... you have opened my eyes. Had no clue there were still worlds to conquer!! I will be watching for YOUR smile to brighten.

Chris said...

HAHA. Dr. Ruth. NICE ;-)