April's Perfect Post Goes To: My Tiny Kingdom

I would like you to meet Anne Glamore from My Tiny Kingdom. I am awarding her post, The Penis Project and More, the perfect post for April.

Now that I'm on the verge of having to have a more in depth sex talk with Alex I have found myself completely out of my element and terrified beyond belief barely equipped to discuss the going-ons of male anatomy. Anne's post made me laugh hysterically as she navigates the world of the penis:

I thought I did a fabulous job of giving Finn a technically descriptive, exhaustive sex talk a while back. As I read the book, however, I realized that I had completely failed to mention wet dreams. What kind of mother advises her son so thoroughly on the care and feeding of a menstruating woman (back rubs and chocolate) and neglects to inform him about nocturnal emissions?

I called Bill at work and got his voice mail.

“Honey, I forgot to tell Finn about wet dreams when I gave him the sex talk, and I’m afraid he’s going to start having them soon. Do you think you could go over that with him tonight while y’all are driving from baseball practice to drums? You should have twelve minutes to cover it if there are no wrecks and you drive five miles over the speed limit. Love you!”

Her post helped me find the humor of the situation and realize that sometimes the stress isn't really necessary if I intend to save my own sanity. I hope you'll head over there and leave her a comment and also take a look through her archives. Her blog is fun and light and some of the best bloggy reading I've ever found.

A quick thanks to my mom for finding her for me :-)

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