A picture blog of my week

Yes I know. I keep disappearing. I know I shouldn't. Things here have just been rather crazy. So I figured I'd share my week and include photos as proof!

Alex was on Spring break last week. So Sat. through Tuesday all three of my little people went to stay at my MIL's house. 3 hours away. So for 4 days I had no kids! It was fun and I went out with Prince Charming to a movie and dinner twice! I also went out for cocktails and stayed the night at my best friend's house, just because I could:

I didn't have a pic from that night..so I'm cheating with a pic from last fall

On Wednesday Alex had a very very annoying friend over, so Liberty and I started baking a cake so she could ignore the annoying boys play Tea Party:

And in the midst of making the frosting Kitzel (my cat) decided to go into labor. The bad part? She refused to go into the bedroom to her box unless I stayed there with her. Every time I left, she followed. So she nearly had 3 of her 6 kittens on the couch. sigh. They are cute and all look like Darwin (their dad):

Then we begin to tear apart Alex's room Friday morning to reorganize and de-clutter, and install two badly needed book shelves. Then Friday afternoon was a trip to the mall to get the girl's Easter dresses (We already promised Liberty she could have this dress which is why we didn't use this ):

Saturday we spent shopping for my Easter Outfit (I looked HOT! I absolutely ADORE my shoes! But you can't see 'em in this pic, sorry.) and then to Target to help the Easter Bunny decide what to give the kids:

Sunday we spent with my family enjoying a GREAT buffet:

My sis and I got a chance to harass my baby brother:

Monday Prince Charming was sick and stayed home hogging the computer. So. Now you know why I've been so MIA. I promise to try harder this week even amidst my cleaning and children.


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Karen Rani said...

You so hot. I wanna see the shoes!

Anonymous said...

Karen - LOL! Yeah, I'm gonna have to take a pic of them to post this week :-D Thanks for stopping by :-)

Lisa said...

I am envious of your georgous hair. LOVE it. You are so pretty!

My son would be SO envious to know you have baby kittens at your house.

Anonymous said...

Lisa - AWWW! Thank you! I've never had anyone compliment my hair before! giggle. Yeah, the kids are LOVING having kittens here, the poor things have been mauled aplenty!

Karen Rani said...

Where's the damn shoes, woman? Ha ha ha....just teasing. I actually came back for that reason only...wow. I love me some shoes.

Anonymous said...

Karen - Oh, real nice. Just for the shoes huh? **pouting**

I haven't been near my 'puter all week 'till today thanks to P.C.'s homework load. I'll get 'em posted by Monday, I promise.