Happy Birthday Prince Charming

Prince Charming,

I know that you think you are just so ancient at 32, and are convinced you are an old man, but I just don't agree. I think you are better today than when we met. You know exactly how to make me laugh. Exactly how I love to be kissed. You know the exact words to say so I will respond, 'I WILL hit you over the head with a frying pan!'

We are so much further and part of each other than we were in the beginning. More grounded and more responsible. At the same time you are every bit as much of a kid as you were when we met. You still do the most ridiculous things just to get a laugh. You still try to convince me the kids really, really, really need something, when you just want to play with it.

I know I'm not always the easiest to live with or love, but thank you for doing just that.

Thank you for listening to me prattle on and on about something when you just want to watch your shows in peace.

Thank you for letting me escape each week, even though you haven't had your time yet.

Thank you for making love to me just perfect.

Thank you for always trying to push me out of my comfort zone and be more than I was.

Thank you for always supporting me when I needed you.

Thank you for your sense of humor that makes me roll my eyes.

Thank you for the smart ass comments and jokes that have broken the tension in many of our fights.

Thank you for putting up with my constant comments that your gray shirt makes you look like McDreamy.

Thank you for putting up with friends even when they annoy you.

Thank you for going to work all week, school on your days off, and still spending time with us in between.

Thank you for my 3 wonderful children.

Thank you for being my best friend.

Thank you for being my husband.

Happy 32nd Birthday.

You really are like a fine wine and have only improved with age.

I love you

Me and Prince Charming


jesse said...

That is such a good picture of the two of you. Happy Birthday Prince Charming!

Sassy said...

Love that pic. Happy Birthday Prince Charming! I was going to send money in a card, like alot of money but that's cheesy right? I mean who wants cash? Not classy at all on my part. So instead, I'm going to send a hug and a peck on the check and wish you many more years, let's say 69 more years and then sign the card and mail it. Much nicer than that stupid, cold hard cash idea. *Shudder*. Have a super-de-duper birthday!

PC said...

Thnk you.

Thanks for the wishes. Your probably right, I wouldn't want all that canadian money, It's no good down here. lol.

Rambler said...

Happy Birthday! That was so sweet and my you two are a good looking couple!
You had said once on my blog that you and I could be long lost twins. I swear that the hubbys could be too! Mine is a big kid.
You mentioned the joking, which mine does a lot of, and it reminded me of something my grandmother said one of the last times I saw her.
I asked her how she and my grandfather had made it to 57 years of marriage and she said "I laughed at his jokes, even when they weren't funny. He needed to feel that they were and I needed to know that I was still the only one he was telling his jokes too and we both needed the laughter."
I hope his birthday was great!