My 10 favorites out of 100

I realized today that I officially have 103 posts. I have over 2,000 views. *doing happy dance*

There have been times when I just wasn't sure that my absolute love and pure desire to blog would be enough to make this a success. I never expected to be popular and I never really had a purpose in mind, I just knew that I loved writing and I really loved what blogging had brought to my life. The amazing friends and people I've met , the phenomenal blogs I've read, and the immense sense of self worth and satisfaction. (seriously, they are amazing, check out my 'friends' list in the sidebar)

I may have what some consider modest numbers and a modest viewer ship, but those that I do have make me immensely proud of who I am and what I've done. And I owe everyone one of you who has ever taken the time to read this blog a HUGE thank you. For sticking with me, helping me begin to find myself, and most of all accepting me. Seriously. THANK YOU.

In honor of my accomplishments I went back and picked out my top 10 favorite posts. I hope you'll read them, comment if you can, and most of all: Enjoy them. (please excuse the bad font colors or format. Many of these are prior to my current format and I wasn't able to take the time to go back and correct them today):

These are my favorites, not because they were brilliant, but simply because I loved what I wrote about, had fun writing them, or made me giggle.

My Favorite Top Ten Posts

10 Things About Me

Psychology of an M&M

The (very sexy) Handyman

Will you read this? Or pretend you didn't see it?

What did you want to be..


A Break In...Sort of

What to buy and for Whom...A guide to finally giving the perfect gift

The Heroes That Day

The Wright Brother Are Cool

Again, Thank you so much for making this a success.


Karen Rani said...

I had read some of those...but the one about the couple coming into your house - whoa!

You are wonderful, sweetheart. :)

Anonymous said...

Karen - Yes, it was horridly creepy. LOL.

And thank you :-) So are you.

jesse said...

I just love your blog and thanks for all the comments and putting me on your blogroll. :)

Anonymous said...

Jesse - Thanks!

Tracy said...

I too freak out if my head is under the covers! And I liked the post with the Nickelback Video on it. That's a great video.
Oh and do you really drink 3-4 POTS of coffee?

Anonymous said...

Tracy - Ummmm. If I say 'Yes' what will you say/do??? ;-)