Okay...So..I have realized..I am not just a typical run of the mill mom.

I am a Special Model. I am an SPM.

What, you ask, is an SPM? Well...let me tell you.

An SPM is a SOLAR POWERED MOMMY. I do not suffer from seasonal depression..that is simply...well...to depressing. I am just an ultra special model of mommy that works best in a sunny environment. If the sun is up you can almost always assume that an SPM will be busily cleaning and scrubbing and playing and usually either baking or cooking an exceptionally yummy meal. SPM's are almost always in great, happy, smiley moods when in contact with sunlight.

One must remember if they have their own SPM that on cloudy and Gray days that an SPM is VERY sensitive and can break easily. One must be very cautious of unnecessary messes, requests, piles of clutter or lack of chocolate in the house. This may 'cause an SPM to malfunction resulting in fits of screaming, irrational behavior and total meltdown. Should this happen, simply do not make direct eye contact and play dead until the next sunny day. :-D

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