10 things about me (Edited)

1. I HATE tiger lilies.
I have absolutely no idea why, but I just absolutely can not stand them. It's totally irrational and prince charming finds it highly amusing. When we moved in this house the property had an entire section of them. I dug them all up and gave them to my mother in law.

2. I freak out if my head is under the blankets
Again, completely absurd and irrational. I totally panic and fear that I will suffocate and die under the sheets of my own bed. Prince Charming also finds this highly amusing.

3. I am *somewhat* argumentative
I will argue with Prince Charming about something even if I totally agree with his opinion. Why? Simply because I always feel the need to justify and have all sides presented. (And yes..this drives him crazy) Maybe I should have done debate during speech team instead of verse!

4. I hate socks
I think socks are evil. I can't stand socks.

5. I am terrified of June Bugs
June bugs are even more evil. Even considering they are a bug that can't actually do you any harm, they are still the most evil.

6. 3:00pm - 3:30 pm is my worst time of day
I am ALWAYS crabby and irritable during this time. I have no idea why.

7. I love bright true red lipstick
I have always wished I could wear this color, but I look ridiculous if I do.

8. I am a coffee addict
I drink 3-4 pots a day. I need a cup of coffee to wake up and to fall asleep. My perfect cup of coffee has 2 sweet-n-lows, flavored creamer, hot chocolate mix and whip cream on top. (And I still wonder why I can't loose those extra 10 (okay, 20) pounds.

9. I love pretty fonts
If I can't see what a font looks like I pick the one that sounds the prettiest. And if it is not, I am annoyed. Like this one, Verdana, sounds pretty yet is very boring and normal.

10. I can write erotic stories
As a joke one day I wrote an erotic short for Prince Charming. He was very impressed and has suggested I start a 2nd blog of erotic stories.
I've always wanted to be an author and have even written a children's book and have ideas for several more. However, I am not sure that going from erotic stories to children's book is a smart career plan.

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jenijen said...

I just spent from 3 'till 3:30 yelling at my kids. . . glad I'm not the only one with the afternoon crabbyness.

Chris said...

WHEW! I thought I was the only one! LOL.

MommaK said...

Only 10?? What if you have a million?


Chris said...

HA-Ha...Well, I figured 10 was enough to make you seem interesting but not enough to scare anyone off ;-)

Jen said...

Alright...I'll go do this now!

Lisa said...

Hey Lady,

Ok. Now I know what my next post will be about. :-)

You changed your header. Looks very cute! And it was fun getting to know you better.

Chris said...

Thanks Lisa :-)

MGM said...

June Bugs. UGH! I am TOTALLY with you on this one! I was terrorized by one in high school when I spent the 4th of July at a friend's house and we were hanging out in the yard after dark. I have naturally curly hair that I wore really long back then. Apparently a June Bug got stuck in my hair and I didn't even know about it until I got home and was in the shower. When I stuck my head under the water that thing started buzzing and carrying on and I couldn't get it untangled from my head. ACK! I'm having anxiety responses just thinking about it! It's amazing I didn't develop PTSD from that episode!

Chris said...

MGM - Thank you!!! Every one always makes fun of me for hating them. But Seee....I KNEW they were evil!

jesse said...

I can be argumentative, and as for my head under the covers, I only freak when David holds me under he's only done that once because when he let up I punched the crap out of his arm. He hasn't done that again.