Meet MetroDad...

While doing my blog check for today, I found that Troll Baby gave us devoted and loving readers an assignment to find a blog we've never read and intro that person to our readers.

I originally planned on skipping out, simply because I tend to find new blogs via linking from my favorite blogs. I've become an absolute blog obsessed person so I have to try to make every minute of my limited computer time count.

But alas, tonight I decide to take a look around and see what I could find. I mean, at some point I have to be a big girl and find my own blogs to read right?? HA-HA. I had been hoping to find a someone just starting out, like me, but what I stumbled on made me laugh hysterically. I had to Share.

So, I am please to introduce you to MetroDad. Reading through his archives I found myself smiling and laughing hysterically. The blog is down to earth, great sense of humor, occasionally outspoken and very well written.
Oh. And obviously written by a DAD. Okay, I know that I should have realized there were some of them out there, but I didn't. And I think it's cool. And I think this blog is cool. Sooo. Go. Read. (what is with the periods. tonight??) There is a bit of naughty language occasionally in posts if you are offended then don't visit. (but honestly, I think you should get over it and read it anyway.)

Here's one of my favorite excerpts from a MetroDad post titled:

I never understood the controversy about breastfeeding. BossLady really wanted to breastfeed the Peanut and personally I didn't really care one way or the other. I was never breastfed. Neither was my buddy, The Doctor, and as he's fond of saying, "I wasn't breast-fed and look how fucking brilliant and well-adjusted I am!" Me? I think the best reason for breastfeeding is solely taste. I tried my wife's milk and thought it tasted like melted ice cream. On the other hand, formula almost made me puke!

Nursing in Public
When did we become so puritanical? Don't people understand that women aren't nursing in public just to show off their engorged breasts? They're feeding their kids! People need to stop being so judgemental and leave nursing mothers alone. You say you're morally offended by seeing a woman's breasts in public? Then don't look! Personally? I'm morally offended by baggy jeans, coin slots, ass chaps, sideways baseball caps and Birkenstocks. So I'll tell you what. You join me in fighting for a universal dress code, and I'll join you in banning women from baring their breasts in public.

Potty Training
Parents need to stop freaking out about whether their kid is potty trained or not. I hear mothers in the playground stressing out about this all the time and criticizing one another's approaches. Let me ask you something. How many adults do you know now who aren't toilet trained? (ok...aside from Fergie.) There are probably a bunch of ways to toilet train your kid. Want to use bribes? Shame him into using the toilet? Forcefully take away his diapers? Be my guest! Sooner or later, the kid will figure it out.

Hope you find it as fun as I did. Thanks Karen for the assignment. Hope I got an 'A'.


Karen Rani said...

You most definitely did! Great Job!

Chris said...

LOL. **Doing Happy Dance** Thanks ;-)

susiej said...

Thanks for linking this. It's nice to find a guy who not only will take the time to write, but funny too.

Lisa said...

What a cool idea. Troll Baby is awesome. So is Metro Dad.

Chris said...

SusieJ-I agree, it's so fun hearing the guys side of parenting!!

Lisa- Yeah, they sure as heck are ;-)