What did you want to be ....

Today's Oldie But Goodie Sunday Post:
When You Grew up??
Originally Posted Sept. 7, 2006

Monday, Approx. 10 a.m.

Liberty: 'What did you want to be when you grew up, mommy?'

Me: 'Well, I wanted to be a mommy, a teacher, or a marine biologist.'

Liberty: 'What's a.....Barine Iologist??'

Me: 'Well..they're scientists who take care of animals who live in water...like Dolphins, Seals, Penguins...that kind of stuff.'

Liberty: 'Wow..that's so neat! I'm gonna be a Barine Iologist when I grow up too 'cause I love dolphins and penguins and then they will love me too!'

Monday, Approx. 7:10 p.m.

Liberty: 'Hey Brother...I'm gonna be a Barine Iologist when I grow up!'

Alex: 'A what Liberty? You don't make any sense goofy sister.'

Liberty: 'I am not silly! And I said Barine Iologist..they are skyentists who work with dolphins and penguins and things who live in water. That's what mommy wanted to be if she wasn't a mommy!'

Alex: 'OH...that's cool! That's what I want to be too! Hey..Liberty...do you think we should work together?'

Liberty: 'YEA....then we could work at the same place and live together and help all the animals together and we could be brother and sister Barine Iologists and if mommy wants she could be the Mommy Barine Iologist!'

Alex: 'Mommy can't be a Barine Iologist anymore 'cause she is to busy taking care of us and daddy...but we can live together still. But you can't come in my room.'

Liberty: 'Okay...I hope mommy won't be sad she can't be a Barine Iologist. And I have to come in your room 'cause I am gonna marry you brother!'

Alex: 'No Liberty..Mommy told you...You can't marry me..I'm your brother. And don't cry about it! I said we could still work together and live together when we grow up!'

Liberty: 'Okay...I can't wait to be a Barine Iologist, brother.'


Mocha said...

Are there good benefits with that job? I'll bet there are.

Anonymous said...

I could live w/out dental and medical if it meant swimming with dolphins everyday :-D I do swim with dolphins occasionally...they just happen to be plastic and made by fisher price ;-)