Summer Loving...Happend so Fast...

Well, it's that time of year when the chill has left air, Jack Bauer has made it through his next 24 hours, Flowers are blooming, Christina makes a mistake and George has a decision, School is almost over, We found out who Survived for the million, Everyone is starting to grill out, and The newest Idol has been decided.

Yes boys and girls, the Summer T.V. season has begun. For people who like their television this means long months of...well...pretty much nadda. zip. zilch.

Except this year! Finally the networks have realized that mommies do have a chance to sit down in the evenings and would like some entertainment after the kids hit the hay.

On top of that, they have decided to feed my 'reality t.v.' tooth with some very interesting shows! I thought I would share with you the top shows I'm watching this summer.

1. The Lot

This is a 'reality show' where wanna be hopeful movie directors are given challenges, tasks and missions to prove that they have what it takes to win a million dollar movie deal and a job at Dreamworks Studio!!

So far I have found it to be fun, interesting, and a great sparking tool for my creativity. Prince Charming and I are constantly pausing to discuss our ideas and what would have worked better. And some of the things these 'directors' come up with is amazing, terrifying or just plain amusing. I am very excited and happy with this show so far!

2. So You think You can Dance

I am a HUGE fan of this show. HUGE. I watched it religiously last year and just adored the performers (YEY BENJI!!).

So you Think you can Dance is by the producers of American Idol and is very similar in format. Instead of belting out notes, these guys have 24 hours to learn a dance routine and dazzle the judges so they aren't sent packing. Half the fun in this show is watching those who try out and seeing who knows how to shake it and who just shouldn't.

The judges are nicer than A.I. for the most part (Although, Nigel, come on. There is no reason to be such an ass. They suck. Send them home. Don't ruin their lives over it. It's bad enough being rejected. Mary: PLEASE.DONT.LAUGH. It's annoying and grates.)

The dance talent is unreal and totally amazing. Watch it and love it (oh, check back towards the end so I can tell you who to vote for..hehee).

3. Hells Kitchen

Gordon Ramsey is back! There is nothing soft, sweet or even a little friendly about this show. Ramsey expects above perfection. If you can't handle the fire...get out of his kitchen.

This show is not for the light of heart or those offended by mean spirited temper. Although Ramsey has shown his more humane and friendly side on his BBC America show, The F Word, previews for Hell's Kitchen are showing this to be his meanest season yet. I don't know how to explain it, but this is one kind of drama I enjoy watching.

4. Pirate Masters
This show has yet to air, and I am having some high hopes for it. Same people who brought us Survivor, thought up Pirate Masters.

The idea is:
16 modern day pirates embark on a high-sea adventure around the caribean island of Dominican in search of hidden treasure that will total $1 Million. Only one pirate will win the booty and claim the title of 'Pirate Master'

The previews show the characters to be a bit annoying, a trait that the producers seem to carry over from recent Survivor casting. That is a bit disappointing, but overall I have high hopes for the show.

Check these out and have some fun this summer, and if you have any 'must see' summer shows..Please let me know in the comments!


Sassy said...

I'm totally with you on # 2 and # 4. Did you see the dancers last night? Ummm Dancing Derrick? Ya more like Doofus Derrick. I loved "ya I don't get tired when I dance, I can dance for hours, I once danced for 22 hours straight". Then fast forward to him in an oxygen mask and having heart palpations. Priceless. And I can't wait to get my pirate on with Pirate Masters. Hopefully there's some eye candy for mama to drool over too. Bonus!

Catwoman said...

I love, love, love Gordon Ramsay and Hell's Kitchen! There's something so HORRIFYING about the way he treats people and the crap he gets away with saying to the customers (who I suspect might be fake, especially three seasons in) and the contestants! I heart him!

Even if he could probably make me cry in 0.6 seconds if he actually talked to me that way...

Anonymous said...

Sassy - Dancing Derek was unreal. How about the exchange with 'Sexy' and his mom?? OMG! The best was the really big dude who really DID do a swing dance! That was the highlight of the show for me!

Catwoman - Yes, I think no matter how hard I told myself not to let him make me cry, I'd still end up getting thrown out for getting tears in his pheasant sauce. LOL. Do you really think the patrons are actors? I felt more like they were there because that getting abused like that was the whole appeal of it. Have you ever seen 'The F word' on BBCA??

Lisa said...

That Gordon Ramsey always makes me SO HAPPY I'm not married to a guy like that. Eeek. He scares the poo out of me. heehee.

We'll probably spend most of the summer doing what we did last year. At first pushing our son on the swing set until we get fed up with our white trash neighbors (the only crappy family in a hood of amazing people)pushing their daughter off on us. Then we'll spend the rest of the time going to various parks so we can spend time outside in peace without the white trash neighbors coming over.

Lisa said...

Hi Chris,

There's something I need to ask you about. I was hoping you could e-mail me at motherofbun at yahoo dot com. Thanks.


jesse said...

I love Hell's Kitchen and the F word on BBC. I just can't help but laugh at the way he talks to them.

Rambler said...

I don't think that the patrons are actors. I went to this restaurant at Myrtle Beach called Dirty Dicks or something like that and they talked to you awful and made you wear hats that said something awful about you and we loved it! I would totally eat in his place. And I love the show too.
Oh, is the dancing show you're talking about the one with David "Don't Hassle The Hoff?" It seems to me like I wanted to watch that last year and didn't because of him. Is that the right show? Let me know because you actually made it sound funny.
Thanks Tracy

Anonymous said...

Tracy - No, the Hasselof show is 'American talent' or something similar. I did watch it last season and honestly didn't care for it :-(

Rambler said...

I have to tell you that I watched "So you think you can dance" last night for the first time and I am so hooked! I loved it! Did you see the couple with the hiccuping guy and the creepy winking woman? (I just totally made them sound like a superhero couple!) Great show! My husbands question is "does that woman judge do anything besides laugh?" Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

Tracy - I missed that! How did I miss that!!?? The one that CRACKED me up was the 'golden' whatever. He looked like a yellow power ranger! LMAO! I was SOOOOO happy that 'Hok' was back. He was amazing...AMAZING last year and I was so upset when he had to leave due to his visa. Okay, being quiet now 'cause I could go on...and on...and on........