I heart Lou Dobbs
Lou Dobbs For President!

He tells it like it is. The good. The bad. The ugly. He stands up for those who deserve it. For those who can't do it for themselves. He is outspoken, direct, and pulls no punches.

Yes, I heart Lou Dobbs.

I do even more so today. The latest Immigration Bill failed to pass in Congress today, (btw...THANK YOU CONGRESS for actually listening to your citizens and what they wanted)

I just finished watching his debate with Rep. Luis Gutierrez (sadly, from IL) and once again he was straight forward with the facts. He asked the perfect questions. And Gutierrez started to show what an ass hat he really was.

In the last 3 years I've watched him more and more. And I'm convinced that America would be in the best hands if Lou would run for President. Although I know he has no interest, I wish he would reconsider. To see those political weasels squirm just like the guests on Dobb's programs when he drives home his point, would be one of my proudest days as an American.

So Mr. Dobbs, should you run across my post, I beg you to reconsider running for president. And personally, I think Jack Cafferty or Glenn Beck would be just perfect for VP!


Jennifer said...

Hey Chris, good post. Could you guide me through setting up a blogger name/profile? I'm not sure where to begin.

Fer said...

Muah ha ha ha ha. I figured it out.

Anonymous said...

Jen (fer) - YEY!

Anonymous said...

Lou Dobbs for president. Yes!!!!! :)

Mitch said...

Yeah baby! Lou dobbs Rules! We need him bad right now.

Anonymous said...

Here is an excerpt (a link below) that explains it all:

"So, here comes thee reason why should you consider voting for Lou Dobbs should he run: Lou will not betray us like many before him did and many, most likely, will. For me, that's the most important qualification for the next president of the U.S."

from "Why Should You Consider Voting For Lou If He Runs?", by Mark Andrew Dwyer http://www.loudobbs4president.com/news.html