Tivo has a kick butt new feature!

Tonight while my sis and I were researching the prices and features of Tivo, I came across this feature. It seriously has to be one of the coolest things I've even seen!

Of course the disadvantage is that it is only available to actual Tivo customers and not people with Directv Tivo DVR's. But still. It's pretty kick butt.


Roz said...

that is cool!

Lisa said...

Ohhhh. Cool.

How did you get the Skirt this thingee at the bottom of your post?

Jenny said...

ooh that IS cool. Another thing for me to waste... I mean SPEND my time on. Great!

Suburban Oblivion said...

Ugggggggggg..I love Directtv, but I swear we always get screwed on these things!! They aren't even doing the Tivo interface on their new boxes anymore, they are going to a proprietary format.

Chris said...

Roz - Thanks! I thought so too!

Lisa - At the very bottom of the Sk*rt site there is a 'sk*rt tools' section. click 'Add Sk*rt to your site.' The last set of buttons and banners are there for your posts with instructions based on your blog platform.

Jenny - LOL. Yes, but it really is kick butt cool.

Suburban Oblivion - I know! It's not fair that Direc-tv users can't have it.