Odd and Ends to the Craziness...

Things have, in a way, calmed down here a bit.

My extremely wonderful mother has allowed me to borrow her laptop until the return of my own. This has made it easier to start catching up...or at least would if Prince Charming and the kids ever gave me 5 minutes near the darn thing ;-) It has been a huge help having a reliable computer for Prince Charming's homework and helped relieve a lot of stress on him.

Also, after much discussion, wonderfully honest and open chats and soul searching on both our parts, PC and I have decided to not separate. We have come through some very emotional things in the past weeks and have found each other again. We are both making a huge commitment to making our relationship work and so far it has been a wonderful experience. I would like to say thank you to all those who offered their thoughts, support and prayers. It really and truly meant so much to me.

Bean's 2nd birthday is in 5 more days. It's so hard to believe she's really that big and at the same time almost impossible to imagine life without her. Right now the guest list is at 26 people. I have no idea why. I just felt like having a get together and this seemed a great excuse.

I met a friend for coffee last night. I felt like such a grown up. I know that may seem silly as I'm 29 and a mom of 3 kids, but I really think it was the first time I've ever met anyone for coffee. I've met up for shopping and for a cocktail, but something about coffee and dessert just made me feel all growed up. LOL. I had a GREAT time and an absolute blast.

I also realized on the way to the resturant that I hadn't had a single anxiety attack over the meeting. I know you are thinking, "Well...it is just coffee!" but the thing is that I always have an anxiety attack whenever I go out with anyone except for Molls and my Mom. I've had Social Anxiety ever since my bout with Post Partum depression after having Liberty. It was a great feeling as I realized that in the past week the trials I've gone through with Prince Charming have resulted in a sense of peace and acceptance within myself. And that, my dearest friends, is really saying something.



Catwoman said...

Glad to hear you guys are working on things. Sweetie Pie and I went through something similar earlier this year, and it's still not easy, but a couple of readers of my blog recommended a couple of great books for us to read and those have helped as well. Let me know if you'd like the titles.

Anonymous said...

Catwoman - Thank you :-) I'd love them! Why not post there here so everyone can take advantage!!!

Tracy said...

I'm happy to hear that you guys are going to work it out together. I honestly think that we've all been through these times in our marriages. I know I have and I think that he and I are stronger together from staying together and working it out. I hope you two end up feeling the same.
I also know what you meant by feeling grown up. I've had babies and little kids since I was 19 and doing something as simple as meeting for coffee does give you a sense of growing up when all you've done is watch cartoons and read books with only one sentence on a page.

Anonymous said...

Tracy - (((You)))) Thank you :-)
And you are right....those one lined books, color/shape coloring books, and constant stream of songs off my t.v. is enough to make you feel 5 again! LOL.

Jesse said...

I'm so glad to hear that you and Prince Charming have worked things out. I know a year ago David and I had some issues but we've pretty much worked thru them. Sure there are times when things get a little crazy but at least now we talk about it instead of bottling it all up. And who can't relate to grown up time-sometimes when it's me and no kids I feel weird too because my day is surrounded by them that I hope I still know how to communicate with adults. Lukily now though I have a blog and it really helps me fell like an adult again.

Anonymous said...

Jesse - Thank you :-)

B said...

I am very late on reading this, but I am so glad to read this news.
(somehow I missed this post when you posted it but reading your entries I knew something must have happened).
I will be praying for the two of you to work things out and that your relationship will be stronger than ever! ((hugs))