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Mrs. Joe sent me an email today for a 'baby' project she is working on, along with a request to forward it to everyone I know. I am not all that big on forwarding mail and honestly don't have that many people in my contact list. So I thought I would post it here and ask you guys to answer in the comment section. And if you want a quick post idea this this on your blog and let us know so we can read the answers!

Hello to all,

I am may know some of you personally and some of you just through someone else but, I need help! I am starting a project about babies and need some help from you or someone you know. I am looking to reach a wide range of people. Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated.

1. What is the best baby advice you have every recieved or heard?

2. If there was only one product you could use for your baby what would it be?

3. What is the most useful baby product you have ever had?

4. What advice have you been given about babies that is totally off?

5. Do you have any weird questions about babies or pregnancy that you need answered or have already had answered?

Okay obviously the above questions are more female oriented....but you males out there are either married or know someone with babies...ask them...or just simply pass this email on and have them answer these questions. Thanks again for all your help in advance!

Mrs. Joe


Bee said...

Hey Chris, the best product my sister used on my niece was Desetin. She said it works miracles.

Also when my niece was teeny weenie we would make gagging noises (or say yuck) when she picked something up off the table, floor, etc. I know it sounds weird but it helped tremendously in her not putting anything in her mouth that wasn't supposed to go in it.

Tracy said...

Here are my answers:
1. The best advice I ever got was to watch my reaction to things. I noticed after that that when one would fall down, they would look to me to see my reaction before they chose theirs. If I freaked out, they did too. But if I acted like it was no biggie, they got up and kept going.
2. Baby Magic baby lotion.
3. A baby swing.
4. To let them lay in their beds and cry it out. It's never worked with any of my three.
5. If I still have questions that need answered after three kids, I'm in trouble!

I've missed you but I'm back now! I hope you're staying strong LLT!

Mrs. Jo said...

Thanks a million Chris....that was awesome of you!