The evolution of me....

I was going through pictures today from growing up and stumbled across some old school photos. When I was looking at them I had to giggle because I have wished before that I had the looks I had back then. After seeing them today though, I realized I was a little on the dorky side and that I am actually very happy with the way I look today. And that is a great feeling :-)

Of course, I know you want to see them and make fun of my total dorkiness admire my beauty, so here they are. The evolution of me:

8th Grade
Don't ya just love the blue/white scheme of private school uniforms?

Freshman Year.
You'd think someone could have mentioned to me that my barrette was 100% to tight and made my eyes look slanted. And is it me..or do I look anorexic??!!
Don't even ask about the perm!

Sophomore Year
Ah, the perm is finally relaxed and I've added a few pounds. And of course I got a zit right between my eyes the night before.

Junior Year
I think I might have woken up late this day. At least I really hope I did. 'Cause the tight bun and lack of make-up....really not so appealing! I really loved that shirt though.

Senior Year
I love this photo. Every time I see it I just feel beautiful. I had finally come into my own and was truly comfortable with who and what I was.


Diane said...

I'm loving the stroll. I was just reviewing them yesterday as a matter of fact. But I do have one question.?..... Where all are the earlier ones? There are some real sweet little girl ones too!! Oh, if I could have done with a camera then what I can do now!
One last thought.... Do we continue to change that fast in four years as we get older? For my sake, I hope not!!

Anonymous said...

Diane (mom) - I think we do. But so far I believe it's been for the better :-) I will be posting some of the 'sweet little girl ones' soon. Funny thing is..I don't recall you ever using the word 'sweet' when associated with me growing up ;-) LMAO!

Jesse said...

I love the pictures of your evolution. There are times when I look at mine and either think damn I look good or what the crap was I thinking.

Pokey Puppy said...

Oh toooo funny... i never noticed that your eyes looked slanted in that pic... these made me laugh.. youve got guts though.. i would NEVER put mine up here!!

Lisa said...

LOVE your senior photo. GEORGOUS!

You look just like my little sis's best friend!

Mrs. Jo said...

OMG I needed a good laugh....according to jessica you didn't over sleep for that one picture you just loved to wear your hair like that...but nice try covering it up!

Anonymous said...

Jesse - Thank ya :-) I look at many of my pics and wonder what I was thinking sometimes! LOL.

Pokey Puppy - lol. Not guts, I just think it's so interesting to see how much we change and how quickly.

Lisa - Thank you. I have about 5 different shots from that photo shoot and I loved them all.

Mrs. Jo - I did actually oversleep...thus the lack of makeup. As for the hair..yes I did wear it that way with that shirt. It looked good in person, but obviously was a bad choice photo wise.

Tracy said...

I'm totally going to steal, I mean borrow, this idea and do this on my blog with mine.
I think the reason we evolve like this in high school is because we can't decide who we want to be yet so we keep trying new people on. I know that I haven't changed my looks in the past four years like I did back then!
Great picks and your senior year one is really beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Tracy - Thank you so much! And you are absolutely encouraged to steal this idea! Can't wait to see it!