What are you doing today??

  • Today I have to clean Alex's room. It has gotten very cluttered and obviously organized by an 8 year old boy. Thankfully his taste for bugs, worms and other such 'make mommy shiver' things is very limited. I have been putting it off for far to long.

  • I must call HP and scream at them in a hormonally induced rage and ask them nicely if they will pretty please send me a new laptop. I honestly think that seeing this one only loads windows half the time, randomly restarts and seems to have issues whenever I run any type of program that I should have a new one. Did I mention hormonal? Trust me. They had best agree.

  • I must find a way to fix my backspace key. Something is lodged under it and it simply doesn't work. I found last night that one does not learn to truly appreciate the backspace key until one does not have the ability to use it any longer. I miss my backspace key.

  • I am currently watching Casanova. It is a great movie and Heath Ledger has been one of my favorite actors ever since 'A Knights Tale.' If they could get him and Orlando Bloom in a movie togeather I'd be one very happy woman.

  • I have to let people know that I won't be going to Blogher....Oh wait...I Guess I just did that. TeeHee. Unfortunately, child care and other things did not work out. But I will anxiously be awaiting to hear everything that happened!

So what are you doing today?


Misty said...

They were in a movie together its called Ned Kelly and it came out a few years ago. Its available on DVD

Gypsy Queen said...

If I answered this morning, it would have been:

Enjoying life as I surfed the web while at work.

Now that the day is nearly half over, my answer has changed dramitcally to:

Loathing my temporary job, questioning why I am assigned complex jobs that require background knowledge that I do not possess, wanting to punch any male wearing a suit that comes near me.

To sum up, my answer is: today I am doing the same thing I have been doing every weekday for the past two months.

Anonymous said...

Misty - I love you and I am going to find it! LOL.

Gypsy Queen - I'm sorry! I hope it gets better soon!!

Bee said...

At this very moment I am trying to remember why I ever wanted to grow up? That is what I'm doing.
When I was knee hight to a Cicada, I would say "I can't wait to grow up and have my own house with my own rules and all the candy I could ever want and I'd eat Pizza everyday!"
Me now, I'm still knee high to a Cicada cuz I'm only 5'2 but I hate house work, my rules are really more Husband Andy's rules or my dogs' cuz they rule us both. Candy is never allowed in my house and Pizza gives me severe, and I'm talking about the kind that makes you shoot fire through your ears, heartburn!
So... why did I want to grow up???

Anonymous said...

Bee - LOL. I'm right there with ya! I been asking myself that a LOT lately :-D

Tracy said...

My answer to that for yesterday would have been: I'm spending my day focusing on trying to keep a grip on my sanity and also trying not to yell at me children every two seconds for fighting, hence the reason for needing to get a grip on my sanity.

Anonymous said...

Tracy - Wanna know the secret to that??? My two oldest have been at their grandmas almost every week this summer. I've only had them back on weekends! LOL. I miss them horribly, but I do NOT miss the fighting!