Have you missed me and other thoughts...

Have you missed me? I've missed me. I haven't been feeling myself lately. On top of that fact, both my laptop and my internet have taken turns randomly not working. So I have not had my favorite little corner of the world to retreat within.

So what has been new in your part of the world? I am so behind in visiting my friends. I miss you all terribly in case you wondered. I am going to try and visit with everyone this week.

One thing I was so excited to tell you last week, was that Chantal awarded ME with a rockin' blogger award! Contrary to what you may have heard, I did not jump around like a giddy school girl and call my mom all excited.

Not me.

Nuh uh.

Aright, so I did. But just a little ;-)

So someone thinks I am a Rockin' Blogger! Yeah, that's pretty kickin' arse cool!

So now I will pass this yummy blogger karma out to my five Rockin' Blogger chics! So head over there and give them a visit and congrats!

Bee @ Bee's Musings - Bee's posts will make you laugh hysterically. Her view of the everyday world, workplace and life in general simply make the world more fun to exist in.

Sassy @ Oh My Gawd Really? - Sassy will make you do more than laugh. She will make you pee your pants while you laugh (You were warned!). I would give anything to be able to write like her or be like her, live by her or take over her life in general !

Tracy @ Rambling Thoughts of the Never Ending Mind - Tracy is my long lost twin sister. We are so alike that sometimes when I read her blog I forget it's not mine. I can only hope that someday I am lucky enough to meet her in person and maybe even win the lottery so we can become next door neighbors. I can just hear it now, 'There goes the neighborhood!'

Lisa @ Midwestern Mommy - Lisa is just all sorts of sweetness and fun rolled up into one yummy blog. Her posts are funny, witty, emotional and reading her blog makes you feel just like you're sitting on your best friends couch sharing a cup of coffee.

Amber @ Crazy Bloggin' Canuck - Amber is one of my newer reads. She is a total sweetie and has amazing energy. Her passion for life is simply inspiring. She does things that I only dream about sitting on my arse in front of a 'puter while drinking coffee and eating chocolate. Since I've started reading her blog I've lost 8 lbs. I am pretty sure that's because her energy flows through the blog and ups your metabolism. How cool is that??!!

So ladies congrats and thanks for making the blogosphere a better place to be!


Bee said...

Thanks! And Congrats I always thought you were a rockin' blogger! :o)

Chris said...

Bee - Thanks :-) And you're welcome! LOL.

jesse said...

It's good to have you back.

Tracy said...

I have missed you. Actually, I was thinking about coming over here to give you a piece of my mind for not coming to visit me lately but then I got here and saw that you gave me a really cool award that is really neat looking and boy did I feel like a total arse for ever feeling neglected. As I said on Jesses blog just this past week "Thank you sooo much for the awesome award. Man, if I keep getting these things I'm really going to have to prepare a speech! All I can say is You like me! You really really like me!"
Thanks for the award and for coming back. My blogging community just wouldn't be the same without you, LLT Sis!

Chris said...

Jesse - Thank you :-) It's good to be back!

Tracy - Lol! No..I don't like you. I love you...I really love you!! I'm sorry I haven't been there recently, I'm really trying to get there...promise!

Slackermommy said...

Congrats! I also love Lisa and Amber.

Chris said...

slackermommy - Thank you!

Sassy said...

Umm of course I've missed you. I thought you were supposed to bring me Starbucks and I waited and waited and then finally went to bed because I was tired. Wait. I think I'm confusing you with my husband. Ah, not that you look like a man or have a penis (please tell me there's nothing you want to share with me, hahaha). I am just craving my strawberries n' cream so bad, it makes me delusional. Okay, so congrats on being a rockin' blogger baby! You rock my socks off (if I wore socks but you know what I mean)! And OMG you named me? Really? This day couldn't get any freakin' better! Well, if you'd brought the Starbucks like I thought you were gonna...........
Anyhooo, thank you darlin' and you were certainly missed! So give yourself a hug from me. xo

Chris said...

Sassy - Awwww...shucks. *blushing* See..I would have brought you starbucks. But I was to busy...ummm...trimming "myself" to look like your hubby. ;-) ROFLMAO.