First Day of School: Mission Accomplished.

Yesterday finally came. The first day of school.

As much as Alex pretended he didn't want summer to end, he was ready and the excitement of starting 3rd grade was a huge incentive. He looked so big and so...3rd grade:

Liberty also Started Kindergarten but due to large classes, her first day was 12-2 and she doesn't even go back until Monday. She was very upset that she couldn't ride the bus and had to wait another 4 days for a "real" school day, but the excitement was infectious and she managed to ham it up while we waited for Alex's bus:

(Yes, she's only 5, Yes, she's done this naturally since 2 and Yes, I'm terrified)

They even managed to get along and pose for a nice picture together:

The bus finally arrived and I waved goodbye (tearful, I admit. I am such a sap):

Then we took Liberty to meet her Teacher, Miss Sweet (not her real name..but should be). She looked all sorts of adorable (insert multiple attempts not to cry -> Here) getting down to the business of being a Kindergartener (I am pretty sure that's a word..but spell check is saying it's spelled maybe it's not!):

We even remembered a pic with her school sign:

We arrived home shortly before Alex's bus arrived, so I had just enough time to make the new year's first batch of After School Cookies:

And the school day ended in smiles, good moods and with a huge 'Thank you mom! YUMMMY!':

What more could you ask for in a first day?


Diane said...

Awww.... how sweet. Love seeing the photo journal. They are just getting way way too big! *sigh*

MGM said...

How sweet! Your little 5 yr old girl is already a knock out. You oughta be VERY AFRAID! That hair is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Diane - WAY WAY too fast!! That 'brick in the diaper' you suggested just never worked on any of them. *sigh*

Mgm - LOL. Thanks :-) And I'm terrified. Trust me. Daddy's already stock piling shotgun ammo ;-)

Bee said...

If I go back to school will you make me cookies??? They look as my niece says double-d-licious!

Anonymous said...

Bee - I will so make you cookies..or I could just send you the recipe :-) And actually, they were the best I'd ever made!

Mrs. Jo said...

OH my you need to watch out for Liberty! She is going to be a handful. You always tell a great story..with pics too ..its a great read! OH and I would LOVE some of those cookies

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Joe - Yeah, I know. But you're Rose isn't far off from starting to make you worry! Trust me :-D

Smiling Mom said...

Oh, this makes my heart ache. Having kids has made me such a more compassionate teacher! (BTW: the correct spelling is Kindergartner, is that what you wrote?? :-) Thank goodness for spell check!

I spelled broccoli and spinach wrong today at school. The kids laughed. Not good.

Anonymous said...

Smiling Mom - THANK YOU! It was driving me nuts because I knew it was a word but my spell check was saying it wasn't. ROFL. Guess I'll have to brush up on some things before I take on teaching English, huh?

As for the kids laughing, I think it's a good thing! It helps them know you are human and capable of making a few mistakes :-)

Sassy said...

Adorable! And you lucky beyotch, yours started already...I have another week of hel, err, heaven left. Hahahahah