Bean Sick Just Plain Sucks.
For Everyone

Two year old people never stop moving. Ever. Not even in their sleep.

My Bean is no different. She is always on the go, always exploring something, always copying her Brother or Sissy.

I have joked with my mom many times that they should clone Bean and require every house to have one. I am pretty sure that there would be world peace if everyone had a Bean. She is never ending motion, pure sunshine and the smile you've always wanted to see.

Until yesterday.

I woke her up from her nap and she was a little warm, but I just thought it was because her room was warm. Then Prince Charming came home, gave her a hug and kiss, and asked if I knew Bean had a fever. I felt her and OMG, fever was an understatement. I hadn't noticed because she was acting and playing normally. I took her temp and she was at 104.3!

I went through everything in my head, decided not to panic, gave her some Motrin and then put her to bed. An hour later I checked her temp and it wasn't really any better so we let her stay up for a while. It was down to 103 when I put her back to bed.

At about 10:30 she woke up screaming so I went to check on her. Her glands were swollen and her fever was back at a strong 104.4. I decided if she went over 104.5 I would take her to the e.r. but she never did. She laid on my chest for another hour in and out of sleep, before I put her back to bed for the night.

This morning her temp was jumping between 102 and 102.8 and by the time we arrived at the docs she was 103.5 and had thrown up twice. He said that it's a bug going around (I do think it's the same thing Liberty had last week with exception of fever) and to keep giving her Motrin (at a slightly higher dose) and keep her hydrated.

After that I ran the girls to Walmart to get Motrin and some other groceries as we were out of everything. While there she got sick again and so we left, only to realize as I buckled them in I had forgotten the Motrin. So we had to unbuckle and go back in.

We finally got home and by then her temp was over 104 again and she was so flushed and out of it I started to worry. I gave her another dose of Motrin and it has helped some.

But I really miss my little ray of sunshine and honestly, seeing my baby girl so quiet, still and miserable is breaking my heart:

(As of right now at 6:30 p.m. she's passed out in my bed, her fever is spiking up again, she hasn't drank anything in over 3 hours and she won't take her medicine. She's looking a little dehydrated and I am currently seeing a late night trip to the E.R. in her future *frown*)


Diane said...

Awww... A little ray of sunshine that doesn't feel well, is worse than a giraffe with a sore throat! Feel better little pricess!

Chris said...

"Bawn" - Gank you. I sick and seepy. yuve you.

Bee said...

I'm so sorry.
I hope she gets better soon!
How has the rain been for you? I hope it's not something else you have to worry about!

Smiling Mom said...

As much as I verbalize often that I wish my son would calm down and stop screaming, jumping, climbing, and just being...well... himself, It makes me sick when he lays around like your daughter is. Makes me sick. I hate it.

Good luck I hope your baby is doing better!

MGM said...

I hate that feeling when your little ones are sick and you can't do anything to fix it!

Hope she is feeling better soon! My prayers are going your way! daughter has that same sheet set. Wal-Mart special, no?

Chris said...

Bee - She is finally taking her medicine and that brings her fever down. If we are late at all with it, the fever spikes back up. She is finally drinking too so I think we've avoided the E.R. visit.

The rain here is AWFUL. It hasn't caused much chaos here at my house, but surrounding towns and roads are an absolute mess!

Smiling Mom - I agree. I absolutely hate when they are like this. It looks like we are on the mend though *keeping fingers crossed*

MGM - I hate not being able to help either :-( She threw up about 4 times last night and was crying my name the whole time and there was nothing I could do but hold her. It just broke my heart and didn't feel like it was enough.

LOL! Yes, I did get those at Wal-mart! My bed has those green sheets and WONDERFUL royal purple down comforter (originally $200 on sale for $25 at Carson's last fall!!!!!! How kick arse was THAT!).

jesse said...

Poor Bean I hope she feels better soon.

Roz said...

Poor Baby!

You're right...being sick is no fun for anyone :(

Lisa said...

Oh, I hope she feels better soon. That is so tough to see them sick.

Tracy said...

That picture of her just says it all. I hope she feels better very soon so that she can get back to passing those beautiful rays around!

Sassy said...

OMG that picture is breaking MY heart. Poor little doll, I hope she feels better soon!

Karen Rani said...

how is she? worried....