Oops...she wanted him dead!

I am running short on time today and wasn't going to post. But when I ran across this, I thought I'd share. I don't usually indulge in celebrity gossip (unless it has to do with my hottie Angelina Jolie...tee hee) but this peeked my interest.

And on an unrelated "OMG, WTF!" note of interest, if you thought you've had a bad day...try being this guy!


Bananas said...

well REALLY if she wanted to kill him all she had to do was wear that train wreck of a dress... MY EYES! MY EYES!

Tracy said...

Honestly, nothing is suprising me out of that trainwreck that used to be Brittney anymore. She is such a mess!
And for the autopsy guys, that made my skin crawl! That is so creepy!