The Princess Has Spoken...

It's hard to believe Liberty will really be six years old in 9 more days. I think in my head she is still only 3 or 4.

Usually a month before the birthday the 'Oh..I want this for my birthday' starts. But this year she hasn't made a peep. So last night I finally asked her what she wanted for her birthday. Here was her list:

  • American Girl Stuff ('Cause Elizabeth deserves stuff on my birthday too)
  • A Nintendo DS (The pink one though, 'cause I am a girl and then brother won't get confused and take mine)
  • Ipod Nano Video (it's soo cool mom and then I can listen to my own music and not borrow yours or brothers!)
  • Bunk Beds (I so tired of sleeping in brothers bed. It's a boys room silly mommy!)
  • Play shopping stuff (We play shopping at school and it's so much fun!)
  • Princess Makeup/stuff ('Cause I am a princess and it's been awhile since I've gotten anything princess)

I had to giggle as she told me. She was so matter of fact. Not even a little begging which made me glad that as spoiled as they are at times...they aren't spoiled. If that makes any sense. Her list was such a combination of little girl and and a step into the fast approaching tween world.

I think birthday lists have changed since I was little. When I was six I wanted things like Barbies, Cabbage Patch Dolls, Strawberry Shortcake Dolls and books.

What did you ask for when you were six?
What does the six year old in your life ask for today?


twetyz1 said...

Wholy SOX!! Why don't kids want the cheapo stuff anymore! What happened to the my little pony faze? I think i may have to take out a loan just to get her b-day present! J/K

And I also need to know what everyone is getting her so she doesn't get double!

jesse said...

My list looked like yours when I was 6-what happened to those good ole days.

Roz said...

you're not going to believe me, but i honestly don't think i asked for things for my birthday. I always got clothes and a music box until i was 13 i think.

Now christmas was different. I always had a list of things i wanted for christmas :)

Bee said...

I asked to go into the witness relocation program so I could get away from my brothers! ::sigh::

I never get what I want! :op

Mrs. Jo said...

I think I asked for my sister to be returned...she was about a year old and I didn't really like her then (and sometimes now)....I also enjoyed Rainbow bright..and My little ponies!

Tracy said...

The problem that we're having is that birthdays have gotten so much more expensive than when I was little! I wanted Rainbow Bright and Barbies and Emma just got an Ipod, clothes, T.I.M. dolls, and Webkinz. That's what the six year old in my life wanted.