The View has changed

I am not a day time T.V. watcher, but when ABC first launched The View I was an avid watcher. I loved that there was a venue out there for a variety of women, their opinions, their interests, and their issues.

The feeling faded after a few months as the cuteness of the bitch fest wore off. It got annoying. Meredith Viera's fake sincerity and plastic attempts to pretend like she was an "average" mom wore thin. Star Jones started out all sweet then just made you want to choke on her Diva-ness. Joy Behar was funny. Then annoying. Then funny. The last was Lisa Ling, who most of the time, I found to be very smart and funny.

I have watched and episode here and there for years since I quit watching regularly. I would occasionally tune in during a high media coverage debate (although I did miss the whole Rosie era).

Then a few weeks ago I heard Whoopie Goldberg was going to be a new co-host. I love Whoopie (That made you gigggle, huh?). I think she's always been an amazing actress and one of the few 'hollywood types' that has lived with an over all dignity in their life.

So this week I started watching again.

And: I.Am.Addicted.

Whoopie is hilarious funny and so good at diffusing the group when things get too heated. The chemistry between her and Joy is wonderful (and makes Joy much funnier, in MHO). Joy seems much less hostile than I remember her and seems to have matured nicely. Sheri Shepherd is funny, sweet, passionate and maybe just a little bit Naive. Elisabeth Hasselback (former Surivior: Australia contestant and yes..the wife of NFL Quaterback for the NY Giants, Tim Hasselback)

If you have a chance and a moment, I highly recommend that you give it a chance. The topics have been so interesting (Whoppie's refusal to wear a bra, sex ed. in junior high, who should be responsible for T.V. and children: The parent or the T.V. Execs?, Athletes and roll models) and I am really enjoying getting caught up in the opinions and news.

Have you watched (or do you currently watch) The View?


Winnie said...

I agree that The View is addicting. I even have a blog about it!

Tracy said...

I have never been able to watch The View. It makes me so uncomfortable. I'm more of an Ellen fan and where I live they're on at the same time so I chose Ellen.
Although they've moved Ellen back to 2pm this season and I love Whoopie too (giggle giggle) so I might give it a shot. I'll let you know how it goes!

Bananas said...

I avoid morning TV like the plague because I have NO willpower. If I start watching, I'll be there till noon. Serious. I've watched the View a few times on vacation and found it mildly entertaining. But my favorite was always the Today Show when Katie was on it... how I loved to start my day with that when in Manhattan at the Soho Grand for business. Sigh... those were the days!

Amber said...

I stopped watching it when they recruited Rosie. Maybe it IS time to give it another chance!

Mrs. Jo said...

Funny thing is I was the same way..when the View first came out I was a watcher. And now...well it's been a great while since I have watched. But I did watch "True Hollywood Story" on E! of the "View" a couple of days ago..and it made me think I should start watching maybe..just maybe I will add it to my Tivo!

Lisa said...

You know, I've never watched that show. But if you say its getting good again, maybe I should give it a try...