If you need a giggle
Read here....

I had a post all planned out today. Actually, I had two of them. The first being a wonderfully eloquent rant about stupid parents who don't act like parents, and the second post being a heart-felt, emotional look at my failings and progress as a parent.

But then, I headed over to check in at Vodkarella and she had a link to this post.

I have never.laughed.so.freaking.hard.ever.

Seriously, Coffee did go flying from my lips.
The artwork alone made it worth the read.

Once I had that all cleaned up I decided to check in on Mocha Momma, another one of my long time favs. And, there I am giggling (I don't spray coffee at her site as I am worried that she might consider it coffee abuse and ban me from her blog)

Basil Grapefruit Sweet Spot Wash and Weed scented Bath fizzies, among some other things were in her post today.

Oh, it's sooo worth a look.

Now, go and check them out and spread some love :-)

(or at the very least...thank them for saving you from my planned rants and ravings!)


Amber said...

Oh, how fun! I totally LOVE Mocha Momma and this post got my day started our right!

Anonymous said...

Amber - Well, I am glad to have helped :-D

Mocha said...

Spraying coffee through your nose is highly encouraged as I can smell it through the screen. It's a bonus of being a coffee lover.