It hurts. It hurts. It hurts.
Hurt is good. Hurt is good. Hurt is good.

Yes, that's been my mantra since I rolled groggily out of bed this morning. I did it. Finally.

I moved my Ab Lounge into the living room where I just couldn't ignore it anymore. Every time I took a bite of a oh so yummy double cheeseburger from McDonalds something I really shouldn't it would just stare at me.

"You know you shouldn't be eating that"

"I know. Shut up. It's good."

"Weren't you just bitching about the large quantity of not-so-flattering flab hanging off your stomach? Like not even 5 minutes before you scarfed that down?"

"Yes, but I said shut up. I'm hungry and it's good."

"Well, now that it's gone you should really get over here and use me"

"Umm..yeah. I will do that. First thing in the morning. I promise"

Well, of course tomorrow morning never came. I mean...the morning did arrive..just not me actually exercising. Finally after 4 days of listening to the stupid machine mock me, I gave in.

Yesterday morning I pulled it out, popped in the dvd that came with it (I hadn't done that once since I had been using it) and began my work out. I totally forgot how much I love that thing. It's so easy. And after 30 minutes I was done and feeling pretty good. I wasn't sore at all! Total bonus!

No soreness of course means that I'm not nearly as out of shape as I thought I was. And my theory that all this afore mentioned flab was simply due to my oh so trim pre-childbirth figure stretching (haha...yeah. Who am I trying to fool here)? Totally plausible!

However, the first thought in my head this morning: "OMG. OMG. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts."

Followed by: "Hurt is good. Hurt is good. Hurt is good."

As much as every sneeze, cough, laugh, bend and movement hurts this morning, I feel great knowing that I finally did it and that the "hurt" will be the reason I keep doing it.

Flab be warned. I'm armed, and I'm dedicated, and you will be banished!


Bee said...

All I have to say, as I'm eating a "Whipps Reese's", is better you than me!
It does say 40% less fat though, maybe I'll have 2 and make it 80%.

I know a Math Guy that would have a problem with my calculations...

And now this little ditty:

♪ ♫ ♥I've got sunshine ☼ on a cloudy day... something something month of May♥...♪ ♫

Thank you! Thank you! [bowing]

Anonymous said...

Bee - ROFL. Brat!

Roz said...


you're funny! can you send your healthy vibes this way? i'm SO NOT motivated...

jesse said...

I know what you mean about McDonalds I ate a quarter pounder last night and of course David reminded me that it wasn't on my diet. I in turn reminded him if he wanted to get lucky he'd back off and let me eat my burger and fries. But today I have to workout and good for you for working out-keep it up it's hard getting back into a routine.

Anonymous said...

Roz - LOL. Healthy vibes being sent!

Jesse - LOL!! I have said similar thing to Prince Charming. You don't mess with the double cheeseburger. YOu.just.don' LOL

Tracy said...

Good for you LLT! I used to do the Richard Simmons Disco Sweat video because he always had those people working out behind him that were three times bigger than me so my motivation was "If those huge people can do it, so can I. I will not be outdone!"
Good luck!

Pokey Puppy said...

Damn.. I REALLY hate when my exercize equipment argues with me!