Limes, Violets, Knitting and Boobs
This podcst has it all!

I am running around like an insane person today. Packing clothes, toys, essentials for 3 kids. Picking up 2 of 3 from school. Then driving for 2 hours down to their grandma's to drop them off for a 4 day weekend.

The ride home will be filled with hilarious yarn-ity goodness.

Check out Lime and Violet.

Go to their blog and click the POD link at the bottom of each post to listen.

Where else can you get knitting tips while learning 99 names for boobs??


Lisa said...

Holy cow. You've got alot going on. Oh crap! I just remembered that my son doesn't have school tomorrow. Thanks for reminding me! Cause I've got to reschedule some stuff tomorrow.

Have fun this weekend.

Tracy said...

Have a great, child free weekend. Words don't even describe how jealous I am!

Anonymous said...

The hectic life of a parent... [sigh]
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