Mission Accomplished!
I actually knitted something!

I finally finished my first project! Due to the insane nature of the last two weeks it took longer than I hoped (Oh..and the fact that I was knitting yarn meant for an 11 gauge needle on a 4 gauge instead. ), but they are done!

I gave them to Little Miss Cutie (my niece) for her bday on Saturday, here's pics:

As much teasing as I received for knitting leg warmers, everyone loved them once they saw them. I am so beyond happy with them and I have already had a few requests from other little girls for their own pair :-D

I am excited as I already have Liberty's 1st pair half way done. I will post them as soon as I can.

This knitting hobby has also created a bit of a yarn fetish in me and my collection has grown considerably:

Isn't that just the most cutest??

When my mom sent this to me today, I decided I just might have to purchase one for Bean.

Wish you all lived closer. We could have a 'Yarn Ho's Unite' evening. LOL.


B said...

They are darling! Good job =)
If I knew which cornfield you lived near, I might be able to hook up with you ... but i don't know if you are northern IL or southern IL!

Roz said...

I love love love them!! And your niece is so adorable!!!

I want to make a pair for my niece!

So you finally got the hang of it eh? Did you watch the videos?

Roz said...

lol...i just went back to your "the trouble of knitting" post and saw that you updated it. I'm glad you liked the videos...they helped me tremendously too. I had signed up for a class and the instructor was horrible and so i found these videos and taught myself and never went back to the class! Isn't the internet the bestest??

jesse said...

I love the leg warmers, I crochet (I'm not great but hey). I've heard knitting is kind of hard but like you I love collecting yarn what I do with it well not much. Oh and as for the shirt I love it.

Pokey Puppy said...

omg.. my daughter is the cutest ever!! ahahahhaha.. okay the warmers are cute too.. (still have foot stuck in mouth btw) love the shirt.. of course at the play ground you would hear another little kids say "Mom.. whats a ho?"

Tracy said...

How is it that your first project is a pair of leg warmers and I've been knitting for four years and am still only able to knit a mother frippin scarf? Not that I'm bitter.
They are so adorable though and so is your niece!
Congrats on finishing your first project!
Oh and where did your mom find the shirt? That's adorable!

Jen said...

Oh yeah I'd join that group!! I have WAAAAYYYYY too much yarn. Will was just complaining about it to me the other night!

Bananas said...

I'm totally impressed. those are adorable.

MGM said...

Not a knitting kind of gal, myself. But I have to admit those are darn cute! Nice job!

meanie said...

how frickin' cute are those!