"Please hold, while the Nextel Subscriber you are trying to reach is located"

Prince Charming and I hear this often when we try to call each other's cell phones. Once we finally get through we always joke, "There you are! I was worried 'cause you were missing!"

That's how I've felt the past few days where my blog was concerned. I wanted to be here. I needed to be here. But everything in the world was keeping me from being here.

Would you like me to bitch, moan and whine tell you about my week? I am pretty sure that Karma didn't like hearing I thought she could be a real bitch and so decided to prove to me just how much of a bitch she could be.

Here goes:

Thursday: My internet was very wish washy all morning and I simply couldn't connect for more than a few minutes at a time.

I started to feel the head cold that has plagued my children for the past few days creeping up on me.

I went and chaperoned Liberty's field trip to the apple orchard: 65 kids. Bees. Very high temperatures.

By the time I got home head cold had firmly established itself in my head.

Add on top of this, Bean, who choose this particular day to become the absolute definitive definition of a Terrible Two year old. I would have put in my two weeks notice....but....no internet.

Friday: Alex and Liberty head off on the bus, Prince Charming heads off to school. Bean and I start our morning routines so I can lay on couch and die due to my cold.

Prince Charming walks back in the house 20 minutes after leaving. Our car threw a rod and it's down for the count. Frack. Frack. Frack. So now we start brainstorming what we are going to do as we really need to have a decent car (our "backup" car is a 1987 Oldsmobile Cutless. Dependable? HELL yes. Gas Guzzler? HELL YES. Practical as a daily family/work vehicle?? HELL NO.)

Had it waited two weeks, we would have had a great down payment and buying a vehicle would be no problem. This day? Not so much. We head to dealership anyway. Sit there for 3.5 hours. Walk out with a 2001 Chrysler Concorde that we love!

Crisis Averted.

Now we are to busy driving around in new car for me to stop and blog.

Saturday: Two Soccer Games, 5,000 sneezes, 2 hot dogs and a few not so nice names said under my breathe towards another soccer mom pretty much sum up my morning.

The rest of the afternoon was spent trying not to die at my cousin's 18th birthday part.

That evening Prince Charming got home from work and babied me with chicken soup, a purple rose and this tea. The tea knocked me on my butt and 5 minutes after my 2nd cup I was OUT.

Best sleep I'd had in 4 days.

Sunday: Spent morning trying to get as much house cleaning and football snacks made as possible before Prince Charming came home and yelled at me for doing all that while I was sick.

Sunday afternoon spent sitting on couch knitting. Aunt Skinny Minny comes and pick up Bean for a week long stay with her and MIL.

Sunday evening I decided to go to my mom's for a little knitting help. I left around 7 p.m.

About 1/2 mile from her house 4 deer ran out of cornfield and across rode. I panicked. I slammed on breaks. I was on a newly overly graveled road. I lost control. Car( ( new car) starts spinning.

I end up in Ditch. A steep inclined 5 foot ditch.

Car ( new. not. even. 4. day. old .car.) is nose down, back wheels off ground and S.T.U.C.K. I get out of car. I fall in hole and loose a shoe. I can't find shoe in dark and deep hole so start the 1/2 mile walk in the dark to my moms house. I walk in and loose it. Her and my step dad drive me back to car and we pull it out with their work van.

I go home to face the music. Prince Charming doesn't even bat an eyelash about the car and just kisses me and wants to be reassured I am okay (Gawd I love that man). We start calls to insurance company and county police as new car most definitely has more than $500 damage. I go to sleep.

Monday (today): I get up. Get kids on bus. Drive Prince Charming to work.

Drive an hour to Insurance adjuster appointment at collision repair center. Pick up Rental car.

Drive 1.5 hours in opposite direction to go to file accident report at County sheriff's office.

Go home to wait for kids to get off bus.

Take kids through McDonald's drive through and wait to pick Prince Charming up from work. Drive Prince Charming to class.

And now I have been sitting here in the 3 story exploration adventure since 6 p.m. letting Alex and Liberty wear themselves out.

I am in an all glass enclosed room. Laptop in hand. Reclining in a leather arm chair.

In one hour I have to leave to Pick Prince Charming up from class, drive home, put kids to bed and finish the house cleaning that wasn't done today.

But right now. At this moment. Everything is okay. Everything has worked out. And I am finally back at my blog. Reclining in a leather chair. In a sound proof room.

Shhh. Don't tell Karma. But life is looking up.


Mrs. Jo said...

Wow are you a busy girl...and Bravo on the new car...must be nice. I need a new one..do you think you can get me one two?!

Chris said...

Mrs. Jo - LOL. If I thought I could...I would. But seeing I can't even keep my new car in one piece for more than 3 days....I doubt they'll let me have another :-D

Roz said...

You poor, poor thing.

Thank god you're ok.

Jen said...

Hey! I actually blogged today!

Bee said...

HOLY @&%$#@!
Glad you're back!

Lisa said...

Oy! What a week.

So sorry to hear that. But it sounds like things are looking up and your honey was very wonderful. WHich -- awwwww.

Tracy said...

First of all, I am so glad to hear that you are ok after you accident. Secondly, I think I may be a little in love with PC after the way he acted when you told him about you accident. Thirdly, what in the hell did you do to piss Karma off? Please tell me so that I don't do it too! I'm so sorry that you've had such a terrible week. I hope that next week goes better!
I am so glad that you're back though!