A princess, her legwarmers, and yarn ho

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Oh, it's just so true. I am falling in love with knitting.

I have officially finished my 2nd project and Liberty bounced off to school wearing them today beside herself with pride (Yeah, made me kinda proud that she was proud to show 'em off)!

These are the legwarmers I wanted to make that originally started me knitting:

I would be lying if I said I wasn't just tickled pink with how cute they are. She did look a little bit like a Rainbow Brite Doll had attacked her legs when you combined the tights with the legwarmers, but Liberty is just the girl to pull that look off.

Besides, have you ever tried to give fashion advice to a future fashion diva 6 year old?? I wouldn't suggest it. They tend to take great offense.

So that is project #2, and project number #3 is already half finished (not legwarmers....gasp!) and hopefully will be done by middle of next week :D

Yep. Falling in love.


Roz said...

Wow!! good for you!!

i'm STILL working on my first scarf.

which i started a year ago.....sigh

Bee said...

Sooooo, project number 3 is my scarf right?
I mean we're in the same state so you know how chilly it's in our parts (not our woman parts, I mean our area, again I mean where we live!).


B said...

Woo-hoo! They look fabulous and so does she =)
I think I need to make that pattern for my girly -girl who is in love with skirts and won't cover up even when it's cold!

Tracy said...

Three things:
1. That's it, I am taking a frippin knitting class. I just learned how to do a wash cloth which is a step up from scarves and you're making legwarmers and other "projects." I'm sick of it.

2. Where did you get that pattern because when I do learn how to knit something other than scarves and washclothes, I'm going to make those.

3. What's wrong with looking like Rainbow Brite? I used to dress like Punky Bruster. teehee

Honestly though, you did a great job. They truly are adorable! And so is she but you already knew that.