Black Sheep and Killer Bunnies.....Oh my!

Night of the Lepus was the only horror movie I was allowed to watch growing up.

The drama. The terror. The Giant.Killer.Bunnies.

And I actually found a trailer for it!

Australia has finally come up with something to match the sheer and total terror that I thought one could only experience while fearing soft fluffy bunnies.

That's right folks.

It's Mayhem. It's terror. It's Black Sheep!

*This is somewhat graphic. Do NOT let the kids watch this unless you are looking for a way to keep them away from barns, farms, yarn, or legs of lambs for the rest of their lives.*


PC said...

Yeah I saw this trailer and thought it was a joke at first. But I will watch it on video just for the "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" Value of it..

Tracy said...

How in the world did I miss the bunny movie? Until today, I had no idea that it existed.
My first scary movie was Children of the Corn. I wasn't supposed to watch it but I snuck out of bed one night and watched it.
To this day I can't walk into a corn field!