Captain Underpants and Fancy Nancy
make an appearance

Yesterday, as part of literature week it was 'Dress like your favorite book character' at Alex and Liberty's school.

After much debate, planning and re-planning the kids finally settled on their favorite characters. Personally I think they are adorable, but I may be a bit bias ;-)

Alex was the fearless, "Tra La La LaLa" singing, Captain Underpants:

Liberty was the, Oh so appropriate, Fancy Nancy:

And Bean is sitting on my lap freaking out because she's not on my blog and brother and sissy are. So here is a picture of Bean just being adorable as usual :


Roz said...

Your kids are just SO. CUTE!

thanks for the pics :)

Chris said...

Roz - Awww. Thanks :-)

Diane said...

Wow, what a great idea!! Love both books. As to the cuteness of the kids... yeah, it's genetic!! Sweet pics!

Tiff said...

OMG!! Chris! THey have gotten so big!!. Cute pictures!

Bee said...

I dressed up as a wicked witch! Oh wait... ;op

Tracy said...

All three are adorable! I think that's such a great idea for them to dress up like that. It's like a bonus Halloween or something.
I love Fancy Nancy!