A Princess and Her Story

It's hard for me to believe that Liberty is as big as she is. Part of me is so excited that she is in Kindergarten, yet another part of me is still in total denial. I still want her to be my tiny smiley little baby girl. Instead I have this amazing, bright, intelligent and sassy (in a good way..mostly) young girl. She both excites me and scares me with these changes.

Today a whole new world opened for her. She sat down with me so I could read her a book and decided to try and sound the title out. And she did it! So from there, of course, I had her read the book as much as she could. And with the exception of a few big words, she did that too! Her sense of pride, joy and accomplishment was only outshone by one ting.

Her Brother.

Alex was so proud of her and happy for her. He encouraged her and hugged her. He sat there listening to her with the most gigantic smile on his face. He distracted Bean so I could finish reading with Liberty. He was absolutely beaming with pride over his little sister's accomplishment. I realized how excited he is to be able to share stories and his favorite books with her. I am so proud of them both and just think it's so unique and wonderful that soon they will have their own book created world to escape in together.

This growing up thing, it's pretty hard on my heart. But at the same time it's an amazing journey.


PC said...

Thank you for being such a wonderful mommy, with out you the kids would not be as bright and beautifully wonderful as they are. You should be proud, not only of them but of you. Just another blessing that you have given to me, lets have more..tee hee j/k. Love ya babe.

Tracy said...

Can I PLEASE have PC???? I think that you have to spread that around.
It is amazing how they can fight like cats and dogs and then do something so incredible for each other. It totally makes this whole mom thing worth it!
Congrats to Liberty on her new venture! It's something that will stay with her for the rest of her life.
And Congrats to you for being such a great mommy!