I know I am supposed to have posted the 2nd page to my story. And yesterday Prince Charming was supposed to post his part of the story. And here it is, Friday, and not another word has been posted.

Of course I could tell you that when we planned all this out, little did we know (or at least..we forgot) a lot of the activities the next week held.

Friday : Make 6 hour (round) trip to MIL's to drop off kiddo's for weekend

Saturday: Spent day cleaning carpets. Rearranged living room 5 times in about 4 hours. Put it all back right where it started. Drove in Ice Storm to PC's Company Christmas Party. Had fun. Drank in a pitch black bar. Drove home at a snails pace.

Sunday: Slept 'till 11:45 am!! Seriously!! I haven't done that in at least 8 years!!! It's been that long since I've gotten my body to stay asleep for that long! Then made the 6 + (round trip) drive down to MIL's to pick up kids and bring them home. Due to weather conditions took longer than normal.

Monday: Spent day attempting to figure out why my house looked like an explosion and clean it. Really spent day chasing my tail.

Tuesday: Got a little more cleaning done. Thought I was on Track to do Story. Wasn't. Ended up at my moms knitting that night. (Christmas presents and they must get done!

Wednesday: Spent Morning cleaning and preparing to do story. Ended up with surprise company for the day.

Thursday: Spent Morning trying to clean out toy room for upcoming Christmas events to be held at my humble abode. Spent afternoon getting all ready for Alex and Liberty's Christmas Concert that evening. Dresses, bows, tights, dress shirts, dress pants, baths, dinner, ten thousand threats of grounding if you don't 'stop it right now!', and finally we were out the door. Then at 8:30 pm I realize I am out of diapers. So I have to make a perilous drive to wal-mart in the snow with other morons who can't figure out how to drive in the snow just to buy a package of $7 diapers.

Today: I'm so freaking exhausted that I will not be doing the story. I have no imagination left in me. Plus I have to put up all Christmas decor before the kids get home at 3:40. And yes I know it's only 8:20 right now. But I won't get to the decor till PC gets home from school around 12.

So please don't be disappointed in me. I will get the story up this weekend come hell or high water. Really! I will.


Bee said...

You mean you have a life???
What's that like? ;o)

Tiff said...

Life Happens! And Family comes first!! You need to take pics of the decorations!!!

Tracy said...

Yeesh, I'm exhausted just from reading what all you did!
This is what I love about being a sahm. People think that all we do is sit on our bums, read gossip magazines, watch soap operas, and eat bon bons. It's soooo much more than that!
I am excited to read the next part of your story though!
Oh, and what exactly did you do to get your body to sleep that long? I haven't slept passed 7 a.m. since Caroline was born!

Brian o Vretanos said...

One solution to your time issues would be to live somewhere with longer days. Mars days are 43 minutes longer than ours - so you'd have an extra 5 hours a week to write your story ;-)

Pokey Puppy said...

well fine.. sniff sniff..

Lisa said...

Oy. Lots going on with you. Yeay for sleeping in tho.