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Perfect Post


I have yet to read a post at The Bloggess without laughing so hard that coffee has nearly come out my nose. She has an amazing humor that makes the bloggy world worth signing on for.

When Jenny wrote this post, I thought she was the most brilliant person I'd ever read. And most of her ideas (read: vibrating seat, little pushy robot, and heated cookie pocket) were exactly what I hoped for in her revised edition. Substitute the beer can hat for coffee dispensers and I'd buy one from her this very second.

She totally deserves this (even if it won't get me a free scooter):

The Original Perfect Post Awards

Go. Laugh. Be Merry.

After you congratulate Jenny (congratulations Jenny! Thanks for being so awesome!) on her job well done, visit Petroville and Suburban Turmoil and:

1) Tell them thank you for all their hard work on the Perfect Post Awards (seriously, if it wasn't for the reminder e-mails...I'd always forget)

2) Sign up to give your own award in January (The more the merrier and what a great way to spread some New Year cheer!)

3) Read all the other amazing post winners this month (or visit the Perfect Post library and visit the past months winners)


Tracy said...

Not that I'm bitter or anything but you have often started your comments on MY blog with ROFLMAO and yet, somehow, in some strange cosmic way, I have never been given this award.
Again, not that I'm bitter... just a little food for thought.

Mama Drama Jenny said...

Hee! You made my day, sweetie!

Tracey, obviously you are just not as funny as me. Or possibly your bribes are not as strong. What did you offer? I always start by offering chocolate and move up to alcohol if necessary.

(Chris - I've left you a pitcher of beergaritas under the old oak tree per our aggreement.)

Anonymous said...

Tracy - *hugs* I simply haven't given you an award as I feel it wouldn't be fair due to our 'long lost twin' status. I believe that may give you and edge that others simply could never achieve. And really, being my LLT is way better isn't it?? ;-)

Jenny - Hope you are feeling better! And chocolate plus alcohol is a pretty strong motivator ;-) {Coffee and Chocolate work even better ;-p }

**Remember People!!**
Only 27 More days to buy my vote for the January Perfect Post! ;-) Tee Hee