Tale of the Trouble Maker Parent
The Case of Whose Children Are They?

Me: Hi, I just wanted to let you know that Alex and Liberty Serendipity won't be in to school today.

Ms. I-have-a-God-complex secretary: Why? Are they sick?

Me: No, they just won't be in today.

Ms. I-have-a-God-complex secretary: Well, if they aren't sick then explain to me why they aren't coming to school?

Me: Because I just called you and said they weren't.

Ms. I-have-a-God-complex secretary: I see. Fine. I will have to tell the principal then.

Me: Thanks! Have a great day!

You're going to tell the principal on me? Really? Seriously? Oh, I'm terrifieded!

I was just wondering but...aren't they my children?
  • MY uterus? Check!
  • MY hours of labor? Check!
  • MY sleepless nights when they were born or sick? Check!
  • MY breast milk that fed them? Check!

Wow! So they really are MY kids.

Today neither of them is sick. But Alex is burnt out and has started begging me to keep him home and home school him. It's not an option for me, but it does tell me there's issues and he needs a break.

Most adults are given sick days, mental health days, and personal days. Kids are given scheduled holiday breaks, not days to use when maybe they need a break. I personally think that's asking a lot out of a child.

Where does the school district get the right to harass and threaten me about when I do and do not send my child. They both attend regularly. Out of the entire year Alex only missed 5 days last year and 3 of those related to sickness. They are both straight 'A' students and both have been recognized already this year for the 'Character Counts' program and invited to a breakfast to honor that. Yet, I will still get a rather snooty letter in a few days explaining how many unexcused absences my child has, and how detrimental that is to his/her education and how if this type of behavior continues or becomes excessive then steps of action may be taken.

I wonder if this means I'll end up in detention!


Brian o Vretanos said...

Yes, it's getting to be the same here - not so much because the teachers are worried, but because the government have imposed truancy targets. Although there is also the problem of children missing the odd week either side of the summer holidays, since the prices are considerably cheaper.

They can (and do) jail parents here these days, though that's usually in extreme cases!

Tracy said...

I'm sorry you're going through this but I am SOOO happy to hear that I am not the only one having this problem.
Before I became a sahm, I would sometimes take a day off from work just to regroup. I would get burned out, tired, and just wanted to take a day to sit in my pjs on my couch, nap on and off as needed, and just BE. I think that our kids deserve that too. I do the same thing. I don't abuse it. It's only like three days out of the whole year but I think they need it. Don't you dare think you're a bad mom just because of it.
And yes, I too often wonder when they became someone elses children too.
And as punishment, you may have to write "I will not let my children play hookie from school" one hundred times on the black board.

Tracy said...

Oh, one more thing, come over for a visit. I have a HUGE surprise for you on my blog! I can't wait for you to see it!

Smiling Mom said...

Haha! I think I've worked for that secretary before!!

One reason, not that you need to know, that schools are such sticklers for absences is because they don't get funding for the days the kids miss. Unless they are sick. :-)

Have fun playing hookie!
Smiling Mom