That's Right Folks!
I'm One of the Cool Kids!

It's been an insane week with so much going on that my head is still spinning. I have been Christmas shopping, Christmas Knitting, Christmas tree buying, Family shopping and the list goes on. In-Sa-Ne has been the name of the game.

So I grabbed my coffee this morning tickeld to pieces I had time to blog. I sat down and checked my e-mails and it was there! I think it had actually been there for almost 3 days and I hadn't seen it!!

That's right! I am officially a Ravelry Community member!!

**happy dance inserted here!**

What is Ravelry? An amazing community of knitting and crochet aholics. Groups, blogs, and the most amazing search function EV-AH in existence!

So Thank You Ravelry for making me one of the cool kids! I am so honored!

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