Warning! Warning! Warning!
Keep Children Away!
Childhood Myths Busted!

Alex is eight and we knew it was almost time. He kept asking. And asking. And asking.

"Mom, I'm 8. It's time to tell me the truth. I need to know. Is Santa Claus real?"

"Well, what do you believe? Do you believe Santa is real? Then, if you believe he is real, that is all that matters."

I managed to make it through the last two months that way. I just wanted this one last Christmas. We had decided the first time he asked after Christmas we would tell him the truth, hope for the best and then threaten everything he holds dear if he uttered a word of it to his sisters.

Unfortunately he cornered us Wednesday and there was no way to avoid the truth.

"Mom and Dad, I am EIGHT, you need to tell me the truth. I am old enough to know. All my friends at school know the truth. Please, just tell me."

"Alex, do you believe Santa is real?"

"I don't know! I just know that it's time you told me the truth. I'm eight.

Prince Charming and I looked at each other and made the decision.

"No , Santa isn't exactly real. There is a person who was called Santa Claus in history but the Santa Claus you believe in.....is actually Mommy and Daddy"

This is where we held our breaths waiting in terror to see his reaction

"Wow, so that means it was you guys who gave me the Blue Man Group thingy last year!? That is soooo cool! I'm so glad it's really you!!"

Oh yeah. It was me alright. It was me and my Mom and my Best Friend scouring the web and ever store to find the hottest toy of 2006. ( NEVER.AGAIN.)

There was no trauma or tears. He actually thought it was cool that we were Santa and that it was me who couldn't wait Christmas morning and found a way to wake them secretly then hide back in bed so I could hear their surprise when they saw the presents and stocking by the tree.

As the day went on he would think of gifts Santa had brought and ask me about them. "So it was you guys who bought Tickles (his puppy) when I was 5 and gave him to me for Christmas?" And when I confirmed that it was us, he seemed more happy and content. I was really proud of the fact that he seemed to be happier that it was his parents and that he understood financial restrictions. He wasn't at all upset that there was no magical land and free toys for the taking.

Then the unexpected happened. Last night he asked me, "Mom does this mean the Easter Bunny is real or not?"

Oye. What's next? The Tooth Fairy!!!


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Jean Knee said...

when my daughter was three she declared Santa's not real, it has to be Daddy. No way he could get all over in a night and everyone would get the same thing

At four she believed again and still kinda believes at six.

Jean Knee said...

I wonder how she'll take it when she finds out for sure? How'd you take it? I can't remember, but I probably had a melt down

Anonymous said...

Jean - We didn't believe in Santa growing up...so I never had to deal with this personally. That's why I was so worried about Alex! LOL.

Diane said...

I Believe, I believe, I believe!!!

(Thought I'd better get that cleared up just in case the Big Guy in red reads your blog!!)

Brian o Vretanos said...

The tooth fairy will be a different matter - after all, there's hard currency involved ;-)

Tracy said...

Why haven't you been over to visit me lately LLT? I've missed you!
I can't believe how easily you got off with Alex. It may be the first time in history when the parents came off cooler than they already were!
Alex sounds like such a cool kid! And mature for his age too!

Bee said...


kim brimhall said...

great blog and great banner!!

Amber said...

Well, at least he knew who to attribute the past gift-giving to. :-) What a good little guy!

Mama Drama Jenny, the Bloggess said...

I was one of those kids who NEEDED to know that Santa wasn't real. My parents hated it.

Of course, I still believe in the tooth fairy though because that chick is real.