Brisingr Will Arrive Sept. 2008!! **Updated**

I just heard the news, and I am so excited I could almost wet myself. Brisingr, the 3rd book in Christopher Paolini's Inheritance Cycle, will be released in September 2008!

Christopher is currently writing Book Three, which will be published on September 23, 2008. Early in 2007 he realized that the plot and characters demanded more space than could fit in one volume and that a fourth book would be necessary to give each story element the attention it deserved. What began as the Inheritance trilogy became the Inheritance cycle. Book Four will complete the story that Christopher envisioned years ago when he first outlined the adventure.

I began listening to the books on my ipod in 2006 through Audible and quickly fell in love with Eragon and Saphira, his dragon. Once I had finished Eldest, book 2, I was actually a little bit 'lonely' without them to join me through my day.

In anticipation of the announcement I began listening to the series all over again in December. In my opinion the only way to read this books is to listen to them as Gerard Doyle does a fantastic job as narrator, and is a million times better than anything my own head could produce in visualization.

If you have seen the movie I beg you to either listen or read the book, as the movie simply does not do these books justice and completely murders the plot and characters.

I simply can't wait for it to arrive!

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Bee said...

Too funny, Chris! I cannot listen to books because I tend to tune people out after they've been speaking for more than 3 or 4 minutes.
This is a defense mechanism I developed to help against poking my eyes out with my letter opener while at work.
I wanted to read a Vampire series and I thought it was only 3 books so I went to Borders and bought all 3 and read them over a weekend. I was very... UPSET when I found out book 4 was coming out in Sept of 2008. !!!!!!

Chris said...

Bee - As a mom of 3 kids..I have developed this same super power. It drives PC nuts because he will be talking to me for almost 5 min. before I will realize it. LOL. should still try with this book ;-)

And really nothing is worse than finding out that a series you are into isn't completely finished. It's like sex but with no orgasm for another year. ROFL.

Whit said...

September? That's far. Great books though.

Anna said...

My son is so happy after I read him your post on the newest book coming out in the Fall!

Jesse said...

I really liked the movie Eragon and wondered how the books were. I may have to go and check them out.

Brian o Vretanos said...

How do they pronounce the last 2 letters? Or is the "R" silent?

Chris said...

Brisingrrrrrr. So like...GRRRR. Only with one 'R'. Does that make sense?? LMAO. It's an old Norwegian (?) word that means fire.

Chris said...

Whit - It's forever far! Lol!! And it's even longer for me because Audio books don't come out for almost a year after the book :-(

Anna - YEY! I'm glad!

Jesse - The books are WAY WAY WAY (did you get that? WAY! LOL) better than the movie. I was sooooo disappointed in the movie. Everything was wrong about it.

Thanks for stopping by everyone :-)