What I wouldn't give for a System Reset Button

When your laptop, desktop, cell phone, i-pod or other electronic device goes bonkey it's usually easy to fix. You simply reset the system, either by powering the item off and then back on or actually hitting a system reset button.

Lately, I've really been wishing I came with one of these. A simple little power off or reset button that I could push to make my brain magically reboot and stop stressing all the time . I've tried to find it. I've searched my person high and low. Alas, I have come up with zilch, nada, nothing.

Sometimes a 20 minute nap will help. Sometimes a night out of the house for 'me' time helps. Sometimes it seems nothing will help. Today...is one of those days.

At 5:30 this morning I heard my phone ringing in an extremely loud and obnoxious way. Okay, so it was the normal ring tone but the time made it seem loud and obnoxious. Finally realizing it wasn't part of my dream I dragged myself out of bed to find the damn thing, with every intention of telling whoever was on the other end exactly what I thought of people who woke me up an hour before my loud obnoxious alarm was set to go off.

By the time I found my phone the person had stopped calling and had started calling P.C.'s phone. I didn't recognize the number but they had left me a voice mail message so I called to retrieve it. This is what I heard: "Brother, This is Skinny Minny. I wrecked the car. Call me back."

It was my sister-in-law and we had traded vehicles 3 days ago so we could do some errands with her truck. I walked into the bedroom, woke up P.C. and waited.

While trying to avoid a vehicle that had come into her lane she had lost control of the car. Thankfully she was okay, but very shook up. She had to start hitching to find a way to call us (she had lost her cell during the accident), was picked up by a pervert, made pervert let her out of car and then walked to someone's house and knocked. Somehow at this point the police were called as they thought Skinny Minny was trying to break into the house. They took her back to the car and called one of her friends to come and get her. At that point she was able to call us and tell us what happened. Thankfully, although very shaken and upset she was okay. And that is all that really matters.

The other side of my stress comes as we found out the car is D.O.N.E. The kind of deep fried done you buy on a stick at carnivals and county fairs. She rolled and is all sorts of smashed up, banged up and windows broke out. The whole nine yards you would expect from a vehicle being rolled.

So today we are trying to figure out what we will do, as we still owe $7,000 on the thing we haven't even owned for 6 months. Thank heavens tax return season is right around the corner and we will be able to hopefully purchase another vehicle. Until then we are stuck with the Hooptie ('85 Oldsmobile Cutlass) as a family vehicle and Skinny Minny's truck that she thankfully loaned us while we figure everything out. So everything will turn out in the end. But I can't seem to convince my brain of that and make it turn the hell off.

I am so thankful Skinny Minny is safe and so so very glad she was in our vehicle as it had a great safety rating. Maybe fate knew what was going to happen and had she been in her truck the turn out could have been horrific and tragic.

But when all is said and done...my brain would just really love a system reset.


Tracy said...

{hugs} I'm glad to hear that your SIL is ok. I thought I remembered reading about you just getting that car.
The only thing I can say is that you and PC are smart people and you'll find a way to work it all out in the end. Everything is going to be ok, LLT. I promise!

Brandie said...

((hugs)) I am so sorry, but oh, thank goodness your sil is okay! I hope that you can figure out what to do about the car situation - and I agree with Tracy, I think it will all work out in the end. But here are so more hugs for you, you dh, and your sil ((((hugs)))))

Chris said...

Tracy and Brandie - Thank you :-) I needed those!

Amy Strong said...

I am sorry to hear about the vehicle. I completely understand what a stressful situation that causes for your family. You are a very good sister-in-law to refrain from blaming her. Way to go!

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Blessing on your day!

Brian o Vretanos said...

Chris, I'm very sorry to hear that you're worried about all this - of course it's understandable. Though $7,000 (and the rest) for a hunk of metal that saved your SIL's life when it mattered is a bargain.

Don't dwell on things you can't do anything about. Find something else to occupy your mind.

Bee said...

Sorry to read that Chris! Especially since you had an accident so recently too. :o(

It's hard to keep laughing at life when it keeps wanting to smack ya' down...

Why dontcha do the Meme on my blog, I had allot of fun doing it.
What's a WAHM?

Chris said...

Amy - Thank you.

Brian - If only it were that simple.

Bee - I love the meme on your blog and originally was my plan for today's post. Plans change. LOL. Thank you :-) A WAHM is a Work At Home Mom. SAHM is a Stay at Home Mom :-)

Smiling Mom said...

Now that just sucks. I'm sorry. :-) Let's hope for a better day.

Ok, one thing I found out after totaling my truck 4 years ago was that the insurance will come back and tell you that your car is worth X amount of money.

They're low balling you. Get quotes from Kelly Blue Book and a few other sites for the actual cost to replace your car. Call the insurance company back and negotiate a better price.

Best of luck!

Mama Drama Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Oh sweetie!

That sucks! But thank God she was okay.

Reset button? Xanax.

Works for me.