Driving while Under the Influence..

I have no idea how well blogging via text will work from my piece-o-poo phone. But its better than nothing!

5 Random thoughts i have had 2day :

1. The lunar eclipse brought out the crazies today.
2. Why are barns red? Seriously.
3. My mom needs to give me her iphone seeing i still cant ever get a hold of her now that she has one.
4. I wonder if driving while under the influence of blogging is legal in Illinois!
5. My typing finger hurts now. Lmao.

Have a happy thursday!


Brian o Vretanos said...

Chris, You've got me worried now. Please let us know you're okay, and that you didn't crash into a red barn whilst posting this...

Tracy said...

I'm with Brian, let us know that you survived your TWD (texting while driving). You know, I am always amazed by people who can just fire of a text message while driving. I have trouble figuring out how to text while sitting in a chair in my living room!
And why are barns red? We have two, both red, and I have no idea why. Maybe this spring I'll make the hubby paint them green or something. I'm sure he'll thank you for the inspiration!

Chris said...

Brian and Tracy - Yes, I am perfectly okay. Although I could not format my post until I was home, the blogcity police department was nice enough to only give me a warning ;-)

Actually, I am so used to texting I don't look at the keys or my screen until right before I send the message. Therefore I have developed a bad habit of texting at inappropriate moments. Driving, conversations, checking out at grocery store, during sex.

Okay, the last one was a lie. I think ;-)