Dear....Umm...Who was this letter for again?

As you probably noticed, it's 8:52 pm and I am just now writing my blog. Ya know why? Because every time I sat down to write something....anything, my mind just went blank.

So I started to think up an open letter to government officials about things like gas prices, jobs, government 'help' programs, education and how they are all failing miserably. Half way through writing it out, I got side tracked and bored.

A little while later I tried again. This time I did a stumble for things related to Monday, hoping to find something that would inspire me. I didn't.

Then I started going through my millions of yummies on for a hidden gem. There really wasn't anything there either, but, in all fairness, I was having trouble actually focusing for any length of time.

I did find this writing prompt, which I thought might hold the elusive post I needed. But when 'What are the values you cherish?' and 'Did you have a favorite TV show as a child or youth? Or radio show?' followed by 'What are your 10 favorite words?' I decided that maybe these weren't really the posts I was after.

So, I stumbled some more and landed here. I found myself wondering if sixthly was a real word. And then I wondered how juxtaposition ever became a word. I mean, really?! It is just a weird word to think up, but also a word so weird some wacky had to think it up.

And that made me remember the '10 favorite words' prompt. And I decided that Sixthly and juxtaposition would definitely not make that list. So I wrote about it.

Either that imagination prompt does work or this is another great example of why I shouldn't miss my medication!

Happy Monday (night)!


Tracy said...

I've always wondered the same thing about juxtaposition. I just know some day that's going to be one of my kids spelling words and i'm going to have to look it up.
You wanna know something else I wondered? Why did Engelbert Humperdink pick that name? That wasn't his real name, he chose that. I think I would have went for something a little less confusing.

Anonymous said...

Hi There,

I'm not sure if Sixthly is a real world. What defines a real word from one that's not a real word? No words exist in reality, they are pointers :)

I thought about it a bit when I was creating that post a long time ago. Glad you enjoyed the image. Only this morning was I wishing people Happy Monday, and thinking of this image....interesting timing :)