#100HappyDays..What is it all about?

I am sure by now many of you have come across the hash tag " #100HappyDays " on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. So what is it? The general idea is for you to take one picture a day of something that makes you happy and post it to your social media of choice for 100 days in a row.

  When you go to the 100 Happy Days website there are no clues to the origination of the project. I had to do a little digging and found this interview with Dmitry Golubnichy, the creator of the project. In a nutshell he started a mission in his own life to find more happiness and then decided to challenge the rest of us. Pretty cool, huh?

 Joining the project is simple. You just head over to the website, fill out a little pledge box and go.

The shocking part is the calculation that 71% of people fail this challenge. I admit, I was shocked by this number. Snapping a photo and posting doesn't take that long and even if you use Instagram it requires no more than a few extra seconds while you choose a filter.  Can it really be that stopping to find one thing in your day that makes you happy is that hard?  Are we intimidated by that? I really don't know the answer. I feel that the real issue isn't time, as many state, but that we don't feel the need to make time in our life for Happy. We are always busy trying to get something, earn something, or find something to get to the happy that we forget to stop and just be happy.

I began the project 20 days ago and am enjoying it very much. It's kind of interesting going through your day and suddenly thinking, "There. That moment right there is my happy thought."  

Have you Taken or will you take the challenge?

What's your Happy?

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