Alex and the Bomb Threat

Doesn't that sound like it should be a movie title? I wish it were, but it's not. It's what happened at Alex's school yesterday.

When he got home yesterday, as I was going through the take home folder, I found the ominous piece of paper.

To Parents of all School Students,

Today there was a bomb threat at the high school. All students were eveacuated from both the middle and high school buildings. All students and staf are accounted for. High School and Middle school bus studens will be dismissed and bused home. Sutdens that walk will also be released at this time. Any student not rididing the bus or walking must be picked up. Elementary school studens will remain in session. Highs school students and staff with cars in any parking lot will not be able to take thier car until the school parking lot is determined to be secure.

The even more worrisome issue? This is the second one in 30 days, and (obviously) they haven't caught the moron responsible for the first one. Alex is in the elementary school and not the conjoined middle/high school, so I should clarify that it was not his actual building that was under the threat.

What upsets me (other than the obvious) is that Alex's school building is less than a 1/8 mile from the high school. His classroom actually looks out across the playground (between the elementary and high school) at the High School building.

Yet they kept the Elementary school kids in session..AND..the building was never swept for bombs by the explosive dogs. EITHER TIME. I get that the Elementary school was not the 'intended' target, but you would think common sense would dictate.

Yes, I know. Everyone keeps telling me to calm down and not over react. But how do you NOT over react a little bit with two bomb threats in one month...even if it is most likely a hoax!

How would you react and what would you think should be the proper response?
Am I over reacting?


Jen said...

I remember when I was in 6th grade...there were 6 bomb threats to our school in one month's time. It was fun for us (we got to go to a nearby YMCA and play). Of course I'm sure it was unnerving to our parents that it took 6 times before they found the GIRLS responsible for it, but I never remember my mom freaking out...that would have scared me.

I think that you do need to calm down. The school system has procedures for this and if they honestly thought the elementary school was in danger they'd have acted accordingly. You need to trust in that. Getting yourself worked up is not worth it.

Chris said...

Thanks Jen :-) I didn't freak out in front of him at all...guess I should clarify. It was more an internal upset that I didn't actually discuss until PC got home after babies were in bed :-)

NeverEZme said...

When I was in High School when there was a bomb threat the a voice over the P.A. system would asked the teachers to see if they can locate Mr. Smith. We the students knew what it was all about but were never allowed to leave the building.
Usually a bomb threat at a High School means that some student didn't want to do his/her assignment and called it in to get out of class. This has happened many time at our High Schools in my neck of the woods.

Chris said...

Neverezme - Everyone had much more exciting HS than I did! The most we ever had were fire drills...real ones. LOL.

NeverEZme said...

HA! When I was in Kindergarten I pulled th efire alarm. I told the principle it said "PULL" so I pulled it. My bottom must of said "spank me" cause she sure did.
It was the first fire alarm in the schools history. They never planned them way back then. I'll tell you after that mess they had a Fire Drill about every month after that. Oh and when I got home my father must of read the same message the principle did on my bottom also!