We're Starving and It's my Birthday

Monday was my Birthday! I turned Twenty-Nine. I'm sure that's as hard to believe for you as it is for me. I'm just so free spirited, carefree and such a hot momma that you thought I was 25 didn't ya? Yep. Thought so.

Anyway, this is my birthday week. I know I didn't give you much warning to buy me a present and I know you feel really really horrible now for visiting without a gift for me. So I have come up with the perfect present for you to give me.

I want you to eat pasta for dinner and help feed the hungry while you do it.

Did you know that we have
39 million people in America who are starving? 17 million of these are children. Let me say it again, and read it slowly. Consider the implications. Seventeen MILLION children in America are starving! Imagine putting your children to bed with no dinner in their tummies. No warm cookies when they get off the bus. How does that make you feel? It makes me feel sick to my stomach. It makes me want to cry.

Kristin Davis (Sex in the City)
and Mario Batali (Iron Chef) were on Rachel Ray last week to promote a new project they have with Barilla Pasta. The Celebrity Pasta Lovers Cookbook is a collection of 10 celebrities favorite pasta dishes. They were then given a little 'make-over' by Mario and Giada De Laurentiis to make them easy and authentic Italian dishes.

So how will this help the hungry?

The cookbook is available for FREE via download on the Barilla website all during February. The best part? For every cookbook downloaded Barilla Pasta will donate $1 to America's Second Harvest, an organization that collects and distributes food to food banks nation wide.

It can't get any better for you can it? Free pasta recipes from some of the best Italian Chefs around and a chance to help feed the hungry. Oh, and the chance to give me a birthday present :-D


Lisa said...


And what a great cause!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lisa :-)

Jen said...

Thanks for this information! Happy (belated) Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Thank Jen :-)

Karen Rani said...

Happy belated Birthday Chris!!!!!


MommaK said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!! Sorry I'm late. Hope your day was extra wonderful :)

Anonymous said...

Karen - Thanks :-)

MommaK - Thanks, it was a very fun day :-) And you aren't late! I had a special post all planned out for the day, but I never had a chance to get online!