Oh, No they did NOT!!! (Grey's Anatomy Spoiler..You were warned!)

Okay, Anyone who knows me in real life (and I mean real as in...my non blogging life) knows I have only three truly passionate addictions. They are as follows: Coffee, Chocolate and GREY'S ANATOMY.

(This is your final warning..if you did not watch last night's episode..DO NOT..I repeat...DO NOT read any further. And, you should probably also slap yourself for NOT having watched it yet!)

Okay, now that we've gotten rid of them.

CAN YOU BELIEVE WHAT THEY HAVE DONE?? Please..someone..TELL ME IT ISN'T TRUE. Tell me that they did not really kill Meridith!

I know (or at least the rational part of my brain knows) that they can't really be doing that. She is the shows namesake. You can't KILL the namesake. Can you??

But on the previews next week..they said 'the disastrous finale to the seasons most (something) episodes. ' At least I think they said season. But I accidentally deleted it and can't check for sure. And now I am worried they said 'the disastrous finale to the years most watched show'.

So now I'm panicking. I'm terrified. THIS is actually worse than no chocolate or coffee EVER AGAIN! (and yes..I am aware what an incredible dork I am showing myself to be right now...BUT I DON'T CARE!!!)

I am currently scouring the message boards for some hint..some clue. I don't know when the last time was that a show held me in this much suspense (or feel any other true emotion honestly) like Grey's has.


Oh..I also took a quiz Here about which Grey's character I was. I got Meredith. That's good, I think. Except the whole...you know...dead...thing.

Meredith Gray
You are Meredith Gray! You are an insightful, beautiful person. You are fairly persistent, and realistic.


Prince Charming said...

I am so sorry to hear of your terrible, terrible loss. I know it is hard but you must go on. You must remind yourself everyday that you can celebrate her life through your life. Remember part of you contains a little part of everything and everyone that passes through on the great journey of life. Take her little part with you and be joyful in life. Always remember that I am here for you, my shoulders will carry any burden that yours cannot, I am always right beside you as a friend, behind you when you need a little support, and in front of you when you need protection. I love you and grieve with you, we can get through this, with love.

Anonymous said...

You're funny. REAL funny mister;-)

Kiss kiss

Lisa said...

I don't watch Grey's. (I think I must be the only person in the US who doesn't. heehee.)

LOVE the sock picture though... Too cute.

Anonymous said...

Thank you :-) The kids thought it was hysterical wearing mismatching socks :-) And you really should watch Grey's. It's awesome. lol.ro

georgianblue said...

There is NO WAY they could kill Meredith...is there?
That was just too mean, leaving us in suspense 2 weeks in a row.
I understand your addiction, I really do. I have been addicted since the first episode, and have dragged my hubby along, kicking and screaming.
Only 4 more sleeps and a very long day till the next episode....

Mocha said...

I suppose I deserve that spoiler even though you warned me...

Also, everytime you leave a comment the addy for your blog is wrong! I finally clicked it and looked carefully and "serendipity" was spelled incorrectly! Glad I looked.

Anonymous said...

Georgian - Yeah, PC won't even watch it. I however am totally obsessed!

Mocha- LMAO..ya know what..my 'puter has been auto filling in the forms, and I never thought to check that. OOOPS! Thanks for letting me know!