What party, especially with a group of girls, doesn't have at least one conversation about sex? So, today I figured we'd broach the topic, and maybe some of you could help me with my predicament.

Alex is 8 and we know it's "time".
Time for that first big talk.
I don't want to mess up.
I don't want to give to much information.
I don't want to give not enough information.

I also believe that the "talk" should be two parts and come from both PC and I, so that in the future Alex knows it's okay to come to me as well as his dad. In our group of friends and etc. I have the oldest kids. I am the one the people ask for advice on teething, diaper rash, tantrums, and I love being able to help them. But now there is no one for me to ask, and I'm soooo lost (and a tad bit in denial that it's really that time).

He knows the general area babies come from, he knows that breasts are for nursing. He knows what boy parts are named and what girl parts are named. He knows they don't look the same as he has occasionally changed Beans diaper.

Beyond that, how babies are actually made, is still that a mommy and daddy loved each very much and then the mommy had a baby in her tummy. Hey, it worked when he was 3 and I was preggers with Liberty.

So now all you readers who have been through this before, I need your help. I need any suggestions, books, or other method you recommend. Also, your stories of success or not so much. PLEASE HELP ME. I've been putting it off for 2 months and I know that I will be lucky to avoid THE question for another month.

So...let the S.E.X. talks begin!

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